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Your 20’s are full of bucket lists and to do lists; so much to experience and lots of freedom to do it. So we have compiled a list of trips you simply have to take in your 20’s. If you do enjoy the list, do share it!

1. The Solo Trip

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important of all; you’re going to be spending a lot of time together! Learn to enjoy your own company and all its quirks, however daunting this may seem.

Visit: Hadrian’s Wall, United Kingdom / Barcelona, Spain

2. The Family Trip

Getting to know your parents as adults is not only great but essential, too. You may discover you have more in common with them than you think!

Visit: The Algarve, Portugal / The Cotswolds, England

3. The Best Friends Trip

The greatest investment you will ever make is the relationship with your best friends. Before life gets too hectic, cherish the time you have together and you’ll be laughing at the memories you make well into your 60’s.

Visit: Dublin, Ireland / Amsterdam, The Netherlands

4. The Romantic Trip

It’s true what they say – the first couple’s trip will either make you or break you but take this time to really flex your couple’s muscles.

Visit: Santorini, Greece / Lanzarote, The Canary Islands

5. The Party Trip

Your 20’s are all for living experiences that you can later reflect back on with fondness, joy and maybe just a smidge of regret. Let loose and enjoy your youth –but be careful!

Visit: Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan / Oktoberfest, Germany

6. The Life Changing Trip

The trip that makes you reflect on how you have lived your life up until this point and changes you will make when you get back home.

Visit: Bali

7. The Lengthy Trip

Whether it be 3 weeks, 3 months or a year off, living in another country like a local will not only give you unprecedented access to a place, it will highlight what you’re capable of, too.

Visit: A Summer in LA / A Year in Australia

8. The Road Trip

You, your best friend, a great playlist and the landscape of a beautiful country – there’s something so adventurous and flexible about this trip where anything can change with the turn of a corner.

Visit: Route 66, America

9. The Awe Inspiring Trip

Sometimes it’s important to feel insignificant, particularly with the all-consuming worries of your 20’s. Go and truly marvel at something.

Visit: The Colosseum, Rome / The Rockies, Canada

10. The Unplanned Trip

There is something so liberating about jumping on a plane without a planned out itinerary for your stay. It allows real freedom to explore a new place with fresh eyes. A must do at least once.

Visit: Ah, it’s unplanned, remember?

11. The 20’s Cliché Trip

There are some things you just have to do in your 20’s, to add them to the list. Clichéd beach parties, trashy holidays, there’s no judging here.

Visit: Eat scorpions on a stick at a famous Bangkok market

12. The Festival Trip

Chances are, the magic of muddy fields, portable loo’s and flower headbands whilst you listen to your favourite bands may wear off in your 30’s. Go get

your hands dirty!

Visit: Glastonbury, England / Burning Man (for no mud guaranteed)

13. The Challenging Trip

Sometimes the greatest gift you can give yourself is to push your boundaries and remove yourself from your comfort zone. Conquer a fear; complete a challenge; backpack across an entire country. The sense of accomplishment will be priceless.

Visit: Swim with Great Whites in South Australia / Complete The 3 Peak Challenge,United Kingdom.

14. The Culture Trip

Get out in the world and immerse yourself in others cultures, customs and ways of life. It is only then that you can truly appreciate the beautiful differences in people and open your mind to it.

Visit: Discover Maori Culture in Waitangi, New Zealand / Delhi, India.

15. The Selfless Trip

The success of a trip is often based on what you can get out of it. Give something back and book a selfless trip, helping those less fortunate. These experiences help you grow, learn and be grateful.

Visit:  Volunteer at an orphanage in Tanzania.

16. The Thrill-seeking Trip

Whether its biking, hiking, bungee jumping or water sports, get the adrenaline pumping and remind yourself what it really means to feel alive.

Visit: Queenstown, New Zealand

17. The Heartbreak Trip

Heartbreak in your 20’s seems inevitable so remove yourself from the situation, breathe, reboot and remind yourself all the things that there is to love

about life.

Visit: Florence, Italy

18. The Self Indulgent Trip

Forget about diets, social media and meetings. Eat too much food, turn off your phone and forget your emails. Self-indulgence done right will give you a break from the stresses and pressures of the real world.

Visit: Ubud, Bali

19. The Educational Trip

One of the best gifts you can give your future self is to learn a new skill in your 20’s. Learn to cook in Italy, pick up skiing in The Alps, Surf in Bali. Become a student of the universe.

Visit: Sri Lanka for Yoga / Discover diving in Gili Trawangan, Indonesdia

20. The Budget Trip

As wonderful as luxurious, Instagram worthy hotels are, you can’t beat a budget holiday. Not only does it teach you the art of money control but all of those pennies saved can be put to extra holidays in the future.

Visit: Cambodia

So what are you waiting for? Get booking and make memories! Don’t forget to share this list with your girls!

Written by Katie Joanne Evans

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