3 Late Bloomers Who Are Killing It

At every stage in life, there is a moment where we feel we are not moving as fast as we should in our careers our entrepreneurial journey. We begin to ask ourselves if it’s too late to ever become successful, we begin to consider the figure we call our age and therefore set limitations on what we could potentially achieve. Today, we look at three women who bloomed at a later stage in life, they prove that regardless of age, success is attainable.

Here are 3 late bloomers who are killing it

#1 Viola Davis

late bloomer

“You can’t be hesitant about who you are.”

Step aside and make room for the amazing Viola Davis, an extraordinary actress who is changing the game of acting! At the age of 43, Davis starred in the movie Doubt alongside Meryl Streep and later went on to win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.  Viols has continued to inspire many others by showing it is not too late to rise to success, many people in the acting industry will tell you “once you pass the age of 25, it’s not possible to make it”. However, at the age of 49 Viola landed the lead role for the ABC hit show, How To Get Away With Murder which is one of the best tv series to date.

#2 J.K.Rowling

late bloomers

JK Rowling knows a thing or two about magic! Rowling came up with the idea of Harry Potter when she was 25, however it was at the age of 32 that the first of the series came out. Rowling received multiple rejections but finally received that one yes that shared her magical world. She finished writing the series when she was 42. What is inspiring about Rowling is that despite the constant rejection she kept on pushing. Can you imagine the world without Harry Potter?! I know scary!

#3 Vera Wang

late bloomers

“All those years of skating and dancing have carried over. I can’t design anything without thinking of how a woman’s body will look and move when she’s wearing it.” – What this quote tells us, is that despite her change in her career, she was still able to use her past experiences. The experiences we have will always be beneficial, every little experience adds to the bigger picture.

At the age of 40, Wang decided to dedicate her time and efforts to becoming a fashion designer. Wang was a Figure Skater and Fashion Editor back in the day, however, once she got married there was something about dresses that caught her eye. Wang found a new passion and with that, she changed careers striving to be the successful woman she is today!

What all these women have in common is passion and strength. I’m sure they knew they were getting older but that didn’t stop them from going for what they wanted. If you feel you want to move into a different field and think it’s too late, it’s not! Go for it! If you feel you’re not getting anywhere in your current field and not progressing, don’t give up! The time may seem forever but take it from these women you can and will get there.



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