How to avoid being bored

My rule in life has always been, “boring people get bored”. There are so many things to do in life, so being bored is not an option. What we need to realise is that our boredom is within our control to stop.

Here are a few tips on how to avoid being bored:


Make a list of what you want to do, so when you’re bored you can get the list out and see what your options are. Be adventurous and spontaneous. As humans we are creatures of habit and like to live our lives according to a routine. Regardless of how much we want to plan our lives, life does not always comply. You can’t systematically plan every part of your life. So, why not do something out of the norm and break out of this rigorous, endless cycle. Do not overthink it! Just do it.

2.Get offline

Do not experience the world from behind a screen. Go out and live your life. Meet new people, catch up with old friends or try something new! Our daily lives revolve around our phones, tablets and computers and it’s time to actually go out to make lasting memories.


I am a big fan of doodling and so when I get bored I get my note pad out and doodle. My sister spends her time knitting and crocheting whilst I use my spare time to paint canvases. Another great way to tackle boredom is to use this time to write. It can be really therapeutic. If a diary seems too old fashion, why not start a blog. It may inspire you to get more out of life because you will be more consciously reflective of yourself. If writing isn’t something that appeals to you, why not grab a book or read an inspiration magazine and tap into another world. They can be incredibly addictive.


Volunteering is a great way to help you develop new skills, meet new people and get a sense of fulfilment. You can travel the world, experience new adventures and find another hobby to keep yourself busy.


Catch up with old friends or join a society/ community group to get move involved and connect with different people with similar interests.


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