How to standout at work

Just like you need to standout when you go for an interview, you need to make sure as an employee you are standing out from the crowd in order to further grow within the business.

Here are some simple tips on how to standout at work :

Understand the business

In order to step out of the shadows you need to be aware of how you fit in within the business. Individuals who work 9 – 5 without really realising how their job contributes to the overall business objectives will not push themselves to get recognised.

Have a desire to learn

No question is a stupid question. Keep up to date with the news and current affairs which may affect the industry you are in. Use this knowledge as conversation starters at networking events and meetings to get people impressed.

Come up with ideas

Take personal responsibility for your job. Your passion and enthusiasm will come across when you come up with creative and original thoughts. Being creative does not mean you need to come up with some extravagant business strategy. It can start with making small suggestions on how you can make your own job more efficient. Speak to your managers; let them know you are actively seeking ways to make your job more productive. It will not go unnoticed.

Be yourself

It seems like common sense, but many people don’t realise the power of letting their personality shine. Talking about your hobbies and interests will allow you to manage and nurture relationships. It will add some colour to your character and a great way for people to get a sense of the kind of person you are.

Think about how people perceive you? Are you reliable, committed, a team player, creative? These tags will make people remember you.

Consistency is key

Constantly do your best and work hard. It will make you stand out as someone who your employers can rely on and a great way to get notice. This will def help you work your way up the corporate ladder.

Do more than is required

Go above and beyond what is required. If something is not being done, do it! This will show how you are actively contributing towards the success of the business. Do not wait to be told what to do, use your initiative and be proactive by anticipating problems in advance to deal with them.

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