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Thinking about moving in with your best friend? Well think twice before making a decision that can be detrimental to your relationship.

These are questions you should ask yourself before making the decision that could make or break your friendship:

1. Does he or she match your living style?

You don’t want to move in with a person that does not match your living style, because you might be up for a rude awakening. However , we do understand that you can’t have exactly the same habits but do make sure the difference is not too extreme and if it is be ready to exercise some patience!

2. Will the dynamic of your friendship change?

Some friends don’t need to live together; it divides them instead of bringing them closer. Have a discussion with your friend to see if this is really the right decision to make.

3. Will your friend always bring home family and her partner?

Your friend might decide to invite people over all the time. You might have to think about if this is something you are going to be comfortable with, in as much as it is her space do you really want family meetings on your shared apartment? or to watch her and her boyfriend kissing? it really is up to you

4. Is your friend an untidy person?

Most people love to call themselves clean, but you start seeing their true cleanliness once you move in with them. So if you are clean and organized, make sure that your best friend likes to keep things the same way or will be willing to adapt.

5. Remember that your things might become “our things”

People get comfortable when they move in together and best friends tend to become even more comfortable. You might be constantly asked if he or she can borrow an item , they may even take items without asking you. This is something you might get annoyed with or be okay with.

If you have an amazing best friend and you have an understanding of how to manage one another then go for it. This is just as big as starting a business with your best friend.

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