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Ever increasingly in todays society, we are challenged to become super human. Adaptable, agile, high in emotional intelligence and persuasive; yet, have great listening skills, patience, extreme humility and the list goes on. Sometimes it feels like a tall order to become this seasoned in our characters. But with the multi-faceted demands of life that todays woman is exposed to, we certainly need to add more strings to our bows in order to live healthy and successful lives. With a little bit of work, it can be done. This superwoman profile is more within our reach than we think, but only if we work from the inside out!

Here are some key steps in working towards having thick skin and a soft heart:


At the core of who you are, you want to be a genuine, healthy and caring person. Investing time in having a stable core, pure motives and a positive outlook to life and people will help you to firstly love yourself and secondly have a positive impact on people and all within your sphere of influence. Every boss girl finds it easy to drive, press, get things done and build resilience. But the impact of this will only be negative without the soft touch of tact, thoughtfulness, understanding and compromise.


While you’re building that inner storehouse of goodness, you need to have mechanisms for filtering out the bad stuff. Surround yourself with positive and inspirational people where you can, educate yourself, take that spin class, accept that compliment. Support your friend who is getting married to the man of her dreams, share your last packet of Sunbites, make the most out of the job opportunity that you’ve been given. Expel negativity, whenever it tries to seep in, make a decision to change your mindset. Because when it takes hold of your heart, it can have instantaneous effects on your actions.


Having thick skin does not mean ‘being hard’ or ‘being tough’, it means, being smart and protecting your assets. It means, although you have wonderful qualities, they are delicate and precious to you and need to be guarded. It also means not allowing any contrasting characters or environments to weaken your ability to succeed or make a good decision. Don’t be afraid to be assertive, yet respectful or challenging the status quo, whilst still respecting authority.

What we are aiming for as BOSS GIRLS is to get the balance right. It takes some practice, but will go a long way in helping you to live the fuller life that you have always dreamed of.

Written by Cabrice Alleyene

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