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When we think of a Spring wardrobe we think of florals, pastels, and other soft pieces mixed with denim and leather for those chilly nights. Spring can be a confusing time for outfits because one day it can be rainy and cold while the next can be hot and sunny!

It’s a great idea to dress in layers for spring, that way if it gets warm you can take off the outer layer or if it gets chilly you can add a one.

The 3 colors we are loving this spring at FWL are : Mint, Peach, and Periwinkle. We consider all to be neutrals that can pair well with other colours.


Mint has been a trendy color for the past couple of years and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.


Mint is a lovely color because it is so fresh and can come in tones that are soft and green based or more vibrant and blue based. It can be paired  with navy, black, white, and, for an extra bold look, coral! When you wear mint try to keep you makeup simple and natural, for lipstick why not try a nude or hot pink.


Peaches and nudes are very popular lately, it seems like every celebrity is trying the nude clothing trend. It is such a fresh take on the beige color because it has a pink undertone, pops on every skin tone and comes in many shades.

spring wardrobe

It also is a great color to create a soft look. When you wear peach why not pair it with a bold cat eye and fun nails.  You can match peach with black, white, and olive. Rose gold is a trend in jewelry which is more of a peachy pink take on traditional gold.


Periwinkle is the final color in the collection. This color can be soft or bright/neon which we love!

spring wardrobe

This color is awesome because the tone can change depending on the texture of the object. It also has a brighter tone than mint and stands out against a sea of baby blue. You can wear this with smoky bronze eyes and orange lips with this color. Why not pair this color with white, orange, and brown. This color looks great on accessories as it can be quite bright. A simple clutch or phone case in this color can have a big impact.

The great thing about all 3 of these colours is that they can easily transition into summer. If you are afraid to commit to a full outfit among any of these colours try incorporating some accessories in the color.

Written by Channing Couture

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