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None of that Little Women, Bridget Jones crap, or the “I am a woman therefore I have a makeover to feel better” movie montage. Feminism is about the real struggle of gender equality and sexualisation. With that in mind, the following are clever, funny, well-written and ground breaking feminist books that will make you so proud of being a feminist and a woman.

Here are 5 feminist books that are a must read:

1. Women on Top by Nancy Friday

Women on to top available Here

We often forget that us women, just like man, have a wonderful aspect to our lives: our sexuality. Even though it is becoming more and more acceptable for women to talk about their genitals and sexual desires, (thanks to comedians like Any Schumer) there is still the fear of not appearing “feminine” enough. We are creatures with sexual needs, kinks, fantasies, libido: this makes us real people. You will love this book (and yes, gulp to some very descriptive images,) but I promise it will make you feel like a real woman and proud to be. Also, it will make your rides on the tube much more interesting…

2. I know why the Caged Bird Sings By Maya Angelou

I know why the caged bird sings available here

This literary masterpiece is a must-read for everybody. Maya, a young black woman, is struggling with growing up after been abandoned by her parents and experiencing racism every day. When, still as a child she gets sexually abused twice, Maya describes the feeling of shame and guilt that a young woman feels as a victim of abuse, which often leads to silence. The way Angelou portrays the feeling of objectification, sexualisation, through the eyes of an innocent child is incredibly touching.

3. Eat, Pray, Love By Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat, Pray, Love By Elizabeth Gilbert available here

This choice might be a cliché but…. It is a great book! It is reassuring to know that everyone suffers after a break-up and this vulnerability does not make you any less of a feminist (common misconception). It can actually give you a new chance to get to know yourself better and really change. This sounds like a quote from a cheesy romantic comedy, but it is my personal experience since the end of my last relationship: I spent days in bathroom sobbing and crying and yet here I am… thanking that man for breaking my heart, because my self-knowledge and self-esteem have never been higher.

4. Girl Up By Laura Bates

Girl Up is available here

Founder of Everyday Sexism Project, a site which shares everyday experiences of sexism by women, Laura Bates writes this passionate feminist collection of experiences, quotes, misconceptions, and brilliantly written truths about being a woman… She covers a lot of feminist issues: from feminine stereotypes we are taught to follow as little girls, to the meaning of the world “no”. A very provocative feminist instruction book, with a lot of drawing of dancing vaginas, which she proudly celebrates.

5. Bossypants By Tina Fey

Bossypants is available here

Hilarious autobiography about a young woman with a dream. A real young woman struggling as a mother with beauty issues and insecurities who became a real success in the business world, she is simply inspirational. Her humour come across the pages greatly (what else to expect from Tina Fey?), and her sarcasm speak very directly to us and are easy to relate to.

Few other books worth mentioning are: Girl Interrupted, Goodmorning Midnight, Bad feminist, the Duff, Divergent.

Hope you enjoy these books as much as I have!

Written by Laura Maria Verona Rinati

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