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The best ways to get fit is by including your squad,because you get to have fun while doing it and also get fit together as a team! We know sometimes getting fit can be hard work and even sometimes boring so we came up with 4 ways for you to have fun while getting fit:

1.Pole dancing

fun ways to exercise

Yes! Grab those poles ladies! Pole dancing is amazing for building up strength in your body , getting flexible and also getting a good burn!

2.Neon room Spin classes 

fun ways to exercise

Spin class is an excellent way to tone up your legs and even get a full body workout depending on your routine. The neon lights make it fun and take you into a completely different world making you forget about the fact that you’re exercising.

3.Ariel fitness training 

fun ways to exercise

Ariel fitness gives you a total body workout, it’s quite similar to pole dancing but instead of a pole you have fabric. This exercise helps you build a strong core, great flexibility, poise and posture.

4.Salsa dancing 

fun ways to exercise

Dancing and exercising who would pass on that?! This is a great way to workout and go on a double date with the girls! Salsa helps tone the legs , builds concentration and coordination.

What other fun ways do you workout?



Elizabeth is a Brands and Communications specialist with a passion to support females in reaching their full potential.

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