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Checking a destination off your bucket list is an exciting feeling, but the journey getting there sometimes isn’t. Whichever method you choose, coping with long haul travel can sometimes feel unbearable. Sitting in a confined area with the same people—often strangers—for an extended period of time can start to take a toll on a person; unless you’re prepared for your journey ahead of time.

To stay ahead of the curves that traveling may throw at you, here are 5 tips on coping with long haul travel:

Get Comfy

The worst part about long haul travel? The whole ‘long’ part. If you’re going to be in the same seat for hours on end, make the most of it and get comfy! Bring a squishy neck pillow, your favorite pair of fuzzy socks, or whatever it is that helps you kick back and relax. This way you can avoid any neck or back pain that comes with sitting in one place for too long, and hopefully catch some z’s to make the journey go by quicker!

Entertain Yourself

Another brilliant way to make a journey fly by is entertainment. Movies, TV shows, books—all of these will help distract you on your travels. Apps like Netflix allow you to download movies or tv series’ to watch on your phone when you don’t have wifi (make sure your devices are fully charged of course!) If you’re easily prone to motion sickness, perhaps loading up your Spotify playlist with songs or audio books would be a safer alternative.

Keep Hydrated

It may sound silly, but an especially important way to take care of your body during a travel haul is by drinking plenty of water. There’s nothing worse than an unexpected delay in the trip that leaves you without food or drink for longer than expected. Keeping a bottle of water handy helps you stay hydrated during long periods of waiting, helping your body stay rejuvenated, healthy, and most importantly thankful!

Remind Yourself Of What’s To Come

If you feel like you just can’t last another hour on this long haul, always remind yourself what’s waiting for you at the end of the journey. If you’re returning home from an incredible trip and aren’t ready to face reality, look through the pictures on your phone and reflect on the memories made. Staying positive for what’s to come and being thankful for what has happened is all it takes to make traveling go by faster!

Make a friend

Proving the person beside you doesn’t mind having a chat, why not use the opportunity to network or make a friend! Ask them where they are going to, how long etc you never know what can come out of it.

What are your favourite tips to get through a long travel haul?

Written by Charlotte Christy

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