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Whether entrepreneurs, directors within an organisation, successful business women have a number of unique traits which enable them to truly lead from the frontline.

Here are 5 key traits of successful business women:

High self-awareness

Whether it’s through reading, coaching or training, self-development is high on their list of priorities because these women know if you don’t understand your own behaviour then how can you expect to understand others. They know themselves well enough to understand their relationship, the way in which they communicate and work with others. Also in knowing what excites them, knowing what their strengths are and knowing why they are motivated by certain goals means that they are able to take ownership of their own career and life and make more informed choices.

Strong resilience

These women, as some might believe, are not fearless. Nobody is fearless. The difference is they know how to handle their fears. These women are willing to try new things, to learn from their experience and recognise that when things go wrong or don’t quite work out in the way they planned, that this makes them stronger. In doing so they build up resilience and so are less affected when things don’t quite go to plan and can get themselves back on track quicker.

Focus on what they can control

Whereas some people spend their lives worrying about things that are beyond their control, successful business women  know how to distinguish between what they can and cannot influence. As a result they are able to adopt a much more efficient, productive and healthy approach by focusing their energy only on the things that they can change control and moving things forward.

They always have a wider perspective

Business women understand the importance of looking at the bigger picture to ensure that they understand not only what is going on in their business but also what’s happening in the world around them. This also means that no matter how much passion and devotion they have for the business, they are able to take a step back in order to view things and make decisions more objectively. This also ensures that in spite of the responsibility and workload, their business and work life doesn’t fully consume them.

They turn dreams into a reality

Whilst successful business women undoubtedly have big dreams that are driving them, the difference with these women is that they don’t just dream big, they take concrete action. They are able to combine their ambition and drive and high level thinking with practical action. They are implementers themselves but, importantly, they also have the ability to inspire others to support their ambitions and make them a reality so that they don’t have to do everything themselves.

Hayley Wintermantle

Hayley Wintermantle

Hayley is an international coach and career catalyst encouraging women who feel unfulfilled in their career to explore more of who they really are and what truly lights them up, so they can carve their own path. Blending her passion for work and travel, she can be found delivering workshops and soaking up new cultures all over the world .

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