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We all know for your job search online, hiding all of your university partying photos is probably best, this is also goes for swearing and extreme personal views you have online. Social media can be used for bad, but it can also be used for good; it is a very powerful tool when you are looking for a new job.

Try the below tips to see if they can help you with your next job search :

  1. Actively Ask for Recommendations

Having a LinkedIn profile is a great start, make sure it is filled out and up to date, but just like when you are searching for a hotel to stay in, you want to see recommendations, employers want to see recommendations about you too. Actively ask your network for recommendations: lecturers, peers and colleagues (past and present) and display them proudly.

  1. Build a Network (and be brave about it)

If you can possibly afford it then invest in LinkedIn Premium, it gives you unparalleled access and searching capabilities to potential new bosses and jobs. Gone are the days when you would think of a job and wonder how you even go about searching for it. Want to email  the Marketing Director of Google directly about a new job? or search for a hiring manager of specific companies, now you can; you just have to pay a little bit of money to do it and hope that your message stands out from the crowd.

  1. Create your own brand

Social media is a great resource to build your own brand and inspiration for others. On your online CV why not have a QR code that links to your Twitter that is choc-full of thought leadership content in your field, along with inspirational things you get up to. Did you recently do a half marathon for charity? Shout it from the rooftops on every social platform. If you look like a good personality fit for a company then they will def contact you! (or shoot you a Tweet)!

  1. Become a Thought Leader

Blogging and video blogging are now bigger than ever and blogging on a chosen topic can really show you as a trusted thought leader in that particular area. You are more likely to be seen by hiring managers in your chosen field if you are actually producing interesting content on it, as they will be searching for it. Give it a try and see how it goes!

  1. Get Creative

You can really let your creative side out and show your future boss what you can do. Building your own infographics and using new technologies are just some of the ways you can present this. There is some stiff competition out there and the more unique and different you make yourself the better, and learning these new skills can also help in your new job. Anyone need an infographic created?

How do you use your social media to help you in your career?



Catherine works in international marketing and events, she has a passion for sharing her knowledge to help others in their career. A keen traveler she has lived in New Zealand, China and England, and explored a lot more of the world; Catherine describes herself as a cup half full and embraces her busy life at 100mph.


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