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A versatile outfit is money well spent. Items you can sucessfully mix and match, or style for a formal to informal look is something we ladies crave. We ever so often find ourselves en route to an event, small gathering or impromptu dinner/drinks with friends after work on a Friday night or even during the course of the week. It always helps to dress the part and look your best.

Apart from what you wear. There are other things that play a major role in transforming your look such as hair , makeup and accessories . It could be a darker lip colour with your hair let down or out with extra bangles you have waiting in your bag. It all comes together to make one perfect picture. 

Here we have five wardrobe pieces that help transform your look from day to night:


transform your look from day to night

Transformative look, jackets are always nearly essential.  They automatically dress any outfit they are paired with, creating a somewhat formal look due to their long sleeves, square shoulders,  lapels, buttons and pockets. They come in different colours,  styles and fits. A dress jacket can be worn on its own or with a dress shirt ( which can also be paired with a variety of jacket styles) So, for a degree of formality you can wear a jacket, to take a more relaxed approach, you can remove the jacket.


transform your look from day to night

The jumpsuit kills two birds with one stone. It eliminates the stress of a two piece outfit while being both formal and informal all at once. It has the quality to stylishly tranform a look from work to dinner easily. The key thing is picking subtle colours such as: black, navy blue, grey, browns and nudes. It is best to avoid bold patterns, prints or stripes as they can get too busy for a one piece (which defeats the whole “formal” idea). In the case of a sleeveless or a more revealing jumpsuit, it should be paired with a jacket.


transform your look from day to night

These are wonderful for  a transformative look due to their elegant and naturally subtle details. In the case of the wrap dress, it is the tulip shaped hemline and it’s natural drape or pleat ( in some not all cases) that gives it an extra boost out of the ordinary. While the drape dress varies in its quantity of drapes (depending on the style of the dress), it is a dress for every occasion. They can be paired with a jacket for the day time office look and without the jacket for a night time look.

transform your look from day to night


transform your look from day to night

The shirt dress is like a little magic trick. It’s long enough to be considered a sexy party dress and short enough to be paired with a skirt. It was without a doubt created to be versatile and give you your money’s worth. For a night out look, you can pop open  a couple of top buttons for a more relaxed look.


transform your look from day to night

Layering of pieces also helps in achieving a formal look while easily transitioning into an informal look later on. It comes down to shedding of items that help in making an informal piece look formal.

When wearing a collarless top as opposed to a shirt in a formal situation, an easy solution to making it formal is to add a jacket and scarf round the neck, or while wearing a crop (not too crop) top, during the day you can tuck it into a hight waisted skirt and afterwards pop it back out for a relaxed and fun look.

So, here we have them jackets, jumpsuits, wrap/drape dress, shirt dresses and fashion pieces.

It’s all maths really….adding and subtracting.

Do you have any tips on ways to transform your look from day to night ?

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