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Instagram can be a time suck, but if used correctly it can also be a great source of inspiration, in particular when it comes to getting fit. There is a plethora of yoga channels out there for yoga enthusiasts to follow, but which are the best for getting you in the mood to do the downward dog?

Here’s a list of our top 5:

1. @BeachYogaGirl 

A photo posted by Kerri Verna (@beachyogagirl) on

Kerri Verna publishes mini tutorials on her instagram channel, but perhaps the best thing about it is the series of gorgeous beach shots which are both pretty to look at and remind you that summer and bikini season is never too far away! She can also be found at

2. @yoga_twins

Getting a workout in is always easier if you have a workout buddy you don’t want to let down, and nowhere is this more true than in yoga as demonstrated by the yoga twins! This channel features beautiful images of yoga poses and exercises to do with your bestie.

3. @keaushaj

A video posted by Ke Ausha Jordan (@keaushaj) on

Ke Ausha is a Marketing Analysis that makes yoga look so simple! She shows us various yoga moves within her home and tutorials on how to achieve them. We also can’t get enough of her bright smile! 

4. @biggalyoga

A photo posted by @biggalyoga on

Proof that women of all shapes and sizes can enjoy yoga and look fabulous doing it, @biggalyoga shows vibrant pictures of her yoga poses in beautiful places all over the world and what’s more, she has some seriously fab workout gear!

5. @_daradanielle


Definitely use these for inspiration and for learning if you are not as advanced as these Instagramers.

Written by Paula Clarke

Paula Clarke

Paula Clarke

Paula is a Scottish expat living in Italy. Between her work as a marketing coordinator and consultant she runs marathons (slowly) and enjoys cooking, travelling, photography and art.

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