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Can you feel the pressure?

By that I mean the straining pressure to post gorgeous, artistic pictures on your social media platforms or blog. People love images and supposedly are able to process it 60,000 times faster than text. All the more reason to make sure your picture posts are drool-worthy. Here are some ideas you can use to getting those professional pictures without spending a dime. Feel free to copy-cat and watch your followers/community go gaga over your beautiful pictures.

Tip #1: Use outdoor lighting

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Nothing comes close to natural sunlight when taking photos. Go outside and snap pics of yourself, your product or cracks in the sidewalk. The sharpness and vibrancy will be so much more than if you had taken the same picture inside.

Tip #2: Find a cool backdrop

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Unless it’s made of marble, no one wants to see your kitchen table in every picture. Find some pretty scarves or vintage blouses to add interest and personality to your images.

Tip #3:Use Flower Power

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Flowers can add such elegance to your images with their lush beauty. Prop your products next to or on them to add some texture. When taking a picture of your home or deskie (selfie of your desk), include a vase of fresh flowers. Fake flowers can do the trick too and easy on the budget.

Tip #4: Use leaves

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A leaf makes such a gorgeous backdrop for product pictures. The contrast between the vivid green and silvery earring is stunning. Not surprisingly, this image did very well on Instagram and Pinterest!

Tip #5: Take pics at stores

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I like to snap pictures of displays when I’m out shopping at stores like Nordstroms or Lord and Taylor. The shoe or jewelry displays there are lovely and make for very polished pictures. A group of mannequins all dressed up can also make a fun pic (#squadgoals). The best part of this strategy is that you can snap a pic and get the likes without having to do the work styling it! Don’t forget to use hashtags or shoutouts to give credit where it’s due.

Tip #6: Personal pictures

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No one is that interested in the walls of your house. So take pics of yourself out and about. Snap pictures at the park, the beach, the mall, or when spending the day in a large city. Above is a selfie showing off  earrings. The city gave this shot an iconic feel which couldn’t have been achieved at home.

Tova Herskovitz

Tova Herskovitz

I'm a licensed social worker whose found fulfillment (and fun) in helping women develop a personal brand that's memorable and authentic. Follow me on instagram @thebrandingstylist or visit to learn more awesome #personalbranding tips


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