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Blogging has given a lot of people a voice even in countries where it seemed impossible. It is also a great outlet to express yourself, share your ideologies and even make new friends across continents.

After deciding WHY you want to start a blog and WHAT your blog will focus on; here are practical steps to start a blog.

Pick a name

There is something about a name. It gives life and embodies the identity of the object. Decide on the type of name you want your blog to be called. You could use a name as it relates to what your blog will be; a name like “fashionably yours” shows you want to write about fashion.

Select a Blogging Platform

There are tons of blogging platforms you can explore. The most popular free platforms are; Blogger and WordPress. Remember these platforms have their names attached to your URL link.

If you are looking for something more sophisticated and can afford it, then buy a domain name. You can have a self-hosted WordPress account. This is also more suitable for a business blog.

Decide on the Web Hosting Service you’ll use

Some hosting services have a server and spamming issues whereby your site runs slow and constantly receives links to other sites without your consent so be very sure to use a reputable host such as GoDaddy or BlueHost.

Select a Blog Theme

A theme for your blog is crucial to how you want any visitor to perceive you. It carries the look and feel of your blog which could be Gothic-styled, clean crisp lines for professional outlook or brightly coloured. There are a few free themes you could start with or you can purchase an inexpensive one.

Insert Plugins

Plugins are a blogger’s best friend. They are created to help customise your website and support your website. For example, certain plugins can help readers to access and share your content easily across other platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also include Google Analytics for WordPress which will help give information about your website hits etc

Bring the Content On

They say content is king.

Give your readers something to look forward to whenever they visit your blog. People are naturally drawn to whatever adds value to their life so let your content have useful information on how they can apply it to their everyday life. Let your readers feel your pulse when you write as they will become attracted to your persona, this gives a good feeling like they know you personally and can relate to you as a human and not a robot.

You have all you need to start a blog. Don’t hesitate, begin today and write consistently.

Written by Tracy Oyekanmi

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