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So, 2015 has gone by and my question to you is did you reach your goals and if so did you reward yourself?

Setting goals and reaching them is hard work. It takes planning, determination and sacrifices. It can be a challenge to stay motivated along the way. Long-term goals can seem so far off and it can be easy to lose focus of why you set the goal in the first place. Rewarding yourself is a great way to help you reach your goals, and have some fun along the way! Let’s look at three benefits of rewarding yourself.


Having rewards set in place for yourself when you reach milestones gives you something to look forward to. It keeps you motivated on days where you feel like giving up or slacking, and it pushes you forward towards your next goal.


Reaching your goals and being able to reward yourself gives you affirmation that you are doing well and accomplishing what you set out to do! It is a great way to be reminded of how far you have come and how much you have accomplished.


Positive reinforcement and rewards are one of the best ways to train yourself to do something. Goal setting is a habit that every successful woman should make a part of her life. Knowing that you will be rewarded at the finish line will make you want to set goals for yourself all the time!

The ability to buy something special or take some extra time for yourself when you reach your goals is an amazing incentive to keep pushing forward and working hard. Have fun and get creative in finding ways to reward yourself and you will enjoy the process of reaching your goals on a whole new level!

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