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It’s every #GirlBoss dream to own a successful business, where we can be our own boss and grow our vision. This is desirable but also hard, however, if you choose the right industry then this can make it a little easier for you as demand will be higher.

Here are the best industries to start a business in 2018


No list would be complete without technology; it is all around us, connecting our lives from cars to toothbrushes and it can also offer a great industry for your business idea. IBISWorld projects a 31% revenue boost for smartphone app developers alone; also Sageworks found that tech consulting services had strong sales growth in 2016.

Artificial intelligence is a key technological theme for this year, as well as fraud detection software to prevent cyber security attacks. Start-up tech companies are on the rise and cashing in on technology innovations and markets, make sure you don’t get left behind.


Decor, furnishing and light building is big business. In London alone, the average household spends £5,781 a year on decorating and furnishing their homes. This includes landscaping the garden, a spot of interior design and even maintenance and cleaning. If you have the right expertise in this area and can market yourself as a luxury stylist/brand you could be unto a successful business. There are relatively low upfront costs, virtually no office space and low staff numbers.


The organic food market continues to grow, and the snack selection within this industry are particularity popular. Local organic stores and speciality stores are great channels to sell through and it accounts for 5% of the UKs total organic food sales. Focus on tasty treats that are also full of goodness to compete with the dominant ‘clean eating’ trend.


This industry has started to become big news. Employers want to lower health care costs, sick leave and improve productivity for their employees; however, very few employers can have this specialist knowledge in-house and will outsource and pay a fine price. If you have experience and qualifications in health and wellbeing then you are the expert and corporate companies are willing to pay for it.


If you have recently been to the hairdresser or beauty salon then you will know it is certainly not cheap. This is also seen in bridal beauty which means big business. According to AnythingResearch Cosmetology and barber schools have an exceptional year-over-year growth rate of 29%. Again it would be great to have the qualifications or go into business with someone who does, as it can be very lucrative.

Are you ready to start your business in 2018?  Let me know how it goes by leaving a comment below



Catherine works in international marketing and events, she has a passion for sharing her knowledge to help others in their career. A keen traveler she has lived in New Zealand, China and England, and explored a lot more of the world; Catherine describes herself as a cup half full and embraces her busy life at 100mph.

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