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As most know the Fashion industry is very tough to break into but with the right advice ,  skills and dedication you can make it. We searched the internet for the best online fashion resources that will help boost your fashion career today. These website give you information on the events you need to attend , the people you need to meet and how and also the knowledge you need to succeed.

Here are 6 online fashion resources that will boost your fashion career today:

#1 Let’s Talk Fashion Business

Let’s Talk Fashion Business is a fashion business and education hub and online resource centre for students, graduates, emerging talent, start-ups and independent businesses. It  is tailored towards two groups; entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. With Let’s Talk Fashion Business you will have the opportunity to learn from academics, consulting experts, industry professionals and entrepreneurs from creative and corporate backgrounds.

#2 Pepper Your Talk (PYT)

Pepper Your Talk , founded by ex Burberry employee Dior Bediako wanted to create something she wish she had as a student, graduate or even when she started her first industry job. PYT was created to positively support and educate the next generation of fashion creatives in 3 ways: ‘Access to information, people and events’ .  They also offer a range of workshops on an ad hoc basis  and also career interviews on youtube.

The phrase Pepper Your Talk is all about boosting your knowledge, connections and all round confidence within the fashion industry. Dior gives every post a personal touch , we specifically love the events diary section as we get first hand information as if we were seated right at every event.

#3 The Business Of Fashion (BoF)

The Business of Fashion was founded in 2007 by Imran Amed, a fashion business advisor, writer and digital entrepreneur, The Business of Fashion began as a project of passion, aiming to fill the void for an informed, analytical and opinionated point of view on the fashion business. It is known as a daily resource for fashion creatives, executives and entrepreneurs in over 200 countries. It is frequently described as “indispensable,” “required reading” and “an addiction.”

#4 Start Up Fashion

StartUp FASHION is an online community where independent designers (both newbies and seasoned) and emerging brands are coming together, helping one another, forming friendships, collaborating, letting off steam, sharing victories, and belonging to a network of people who get it; who are doing it too.

It is  a place to access and discover the tools and information you need to build your fashion business. They help you define your path and give you the guidance, encouragement, and resources to follow that path.

#5 Fashionista

Fashionista is a trusted source of fashion news, criticism and career advice. As one of the most influential voices covering fashion, Fashionista is an agenda-setter for the industry as well as influential fashion-focused consumers.

#6 University Of Fashion

The University of Fashion is the first and largest online fashion design video library in the world.  The  library contains hundreds of lessons demonstrating every facet of fashion business and fashion design, e.g. draping, pattern making, fashion art, product development, CAD, sewing, fashion business, knits, lectures and much more.

Lessons are organized by Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced to both educate beginning fashion students as well as experienced, professional fashion designers and home sewers looking to expand their skills.

What other business fashion websites do you follow? We would love to find out and add to our collection!



Elizabeth is a Brands and Communications specialist with a passion to support females in reaching their full potential.

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