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Creative minds are often the ones behind brilliant ideas, products, companies, and brands. Whether you believe it or not, there is a creative side to everyone, including you. Tapping into the artistic and innovative qualities you possess can sometimes be challenging, or leave you feeling overwhelmed. Today I am breaking down 5 Ways To Get More In Touch With Your Creative Side, so you can exhale and unlock your passion and purpose.

Get In The Zone 

For me, creating the perfect environment is the key to finding my creative energy. If you can develop a simple, calm and maybe even tranquil atmosphere to be in, your energy will naturally shift. It’s the difference between your hectic weeks, 9-5 job and to-do list and your Sunday morning ritual. Pick a location in your home, outside in nature or somewhere that allows you to let go of all other responsibilities and stress. Dedicating yourself to this new “zone” of creativity will force you to think differently and as a result, bring some fantastic ideas and impulses to life.

I love to light candles, tidy my workspace and make a cup of coffee before I set out to do any creative outlet. Whether it be writing, sketching or planning a project if I am in the zone I feel limitless. Distracted in the best way possible.

Find your muse

Artists all over the world often look to a muse for creative inspiration, and I highly suggest thinking about who (or what) your muse is. If I had to choose only one role model, I would opt for Sophia Amoruso, the American business woman with a net worth of 10 million dollars. I’m sure you’ve heard of Nasty Gal and seen #GIRLBOSS before, Sophia is the founder and CEO of both companies and has such an incredible story. Her story of hardship, failure and ultimately success fuels my entrepreneur’s goals and lights me up with creativity.

 You may connect to an individual, a book, music or a location. The goal is to source inspiration and get more in touch with that innovative side, follow your muse!

Try something NEW

When you challenge your mind and get out of your comfort zone, you feel automatically gifted with a new perspective, which by default leads you to new ideas. Trying something new is the best advice I could give you!

It is easy to fall in routine, but the same daily grind can kill our creativity (if we let it). Don’t forget to challenge yourself, be uncomfortable and search out new opportunities they will bring you so much joy.

Listen to your sense of adventure, and you will be surprised with yourself!

Relax and Discover

You cannot only dedicate 2 hours a week to become creative and expect it to happen. Try winding down into the creative zone find a relaxed and calm state of mind. In these moments of stillness, you will be surprised with the creative thoughts that will flow through you.  

Slow down and take the time to notice these thoughts, breathe and become aware of your surroundings. Meditation is a great tool to unlock your creative side – many celebrities and power house women use it to calm the mind and practice mindfulness. Maybe consider spending 10-15 mins a day to relax and discover your wants and needs.

 Accept Defeat

What I mean by that is accept that not every day is going to be amazing. You cannot be creative 24/7 ask any artist, and they will tell you that inspiration ebbs and flows. Ideas will come and go, and you have to be okay with that. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and force a feeling that isn’t happening.

Like anything in life, tapping into your creativity takes time and effort. With these simple steps, you will discover what YOU need to feel “in the zone” and ready to create. Take it slow and listen to your body.  

We cannot wait to hear your ideas come to life.

Written by Hannah Russell

Hannah Russell

Hannah Russell

Hannah is a passion-driven, coffee drinking, art-loving twenty-something. Currently living in London, England, she loves to create content, network and inspire other women. Hannah believes in living the most creative life possible and tries to communicate this motto through her blog. Her future aspirations include a career in Marketing and Communications!

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