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For the majority of my life, I have been a worrier. If there has been something to worry about I have found it, and if there hasn’t I have made it. At social occasions, I would worry about how I came across, if I did an exam I would worry continuously until I got the results, if I was wearing a new dress I would wonder for the whole day on whether I looked bad. Of course, I didn’t just worry about things about myself – global warming, the British economy, world hunger, I worried about them too.

The problem is, worrying really doesn’t achieve anything – apart from giving you premature wrinkles.  It is a waste of energy. Knowing how to do declutter your mind for a new week is incredibly important – here are 5 ways to do it.

1) Meditate

I have to admit, I was pretty sceptical about meditation for a long time. I considered it a fad. However, meditation – in one form or another – has been around for thousands of years, and for a good reason. Initially, focusing on your breathing and clearing your mind feels very strange. When you are used to rushing around all the time, being still feels unnatural. Eventually, however, you will start to feel far more comfortable and peaceful. I use guided meditations on YouTube, some of which are made especially to help with decluttering.

2) Do something fun

No, I am not talking about, downing a bottle of wine and dancing on the stage in Inferno’s (although that was fun), I’m talking about doing something you enjoyed doing as a kid, something really silly. Thankfully, there are now plenty of fun things for adults to partake in. Whether it is paintballing, zorbing, riding on a Segway, Go Ape, there’s plenty of things out there which will let you forget the worries of the real world and have a good laugh. Life doesn’t have to be taken so seriously.

3) …Also, have some adult fun

When you are worrying about a million things, attending to your sexual needs can fall way down on your list of priorities, and it really shouldn’t. Orgasms are a really powerful stress relevant – after orgasm, your body releases lots of oxytocin, which relieves stress and leaves you feeling content and happy. Orgasms also help you sleep and can lower your blood pressure. So whether you are in a relationship or single, don’t forget to make time for adult fun.

4) Embrace the countryside

Nothing will make all your worries seem smaller than a good old stroll in the woods (or park if you are in the city). When you are in an office, coffee shop, studio or wherever you work, all the tiny problems of the day can seem pretty huge. Spending some time in nature can give you a valuable sense of perspective. The trees really don’t care whether Lindsay from marketing sends you her report on time, and neither should you.

5) Spend time with family and friends

Let’s face it, on our death beds when we are all withered and old, we probably aren’t going to be too worried about the projects we did/didn’t deliver on time. I mean I’m sure some people do, but who wants to be that person. It will be the times outside of work that will leave you with a smile on your face, so make sure you have a lot of memories to reflect on. Spending time with your loved ones will help you feel connected, content and ready to take on the week.

Sofia Geraghty

Sofia Geraghty

Sofia is a blogger living in London. She is Head of digital at parliament street ( a political think tank) and is particulalry passionate about social inequality and personal well-being.

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