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One look at the apps on a person’s phone could give you an insight into their personality and how they spend their time. I have a wide variety of apps on my devices, from games J to social media, an e-Bible, and some productivity apps. We’ve scanned the web and compiled a short list of recommended apps for the working lady.

apps for the working lady

SignEasy (iOS, Android) (Pay as you go – US$6.67/month)

SignEasy not only allows you to sign documents anywhere and anytime, it also integrates with other business and productivity apps such as Evernote and Dropbox to enable you sign and complete paperwork within those apps. In addition, with SignEasy, you can fill a document on your desktop or mobile and switch seamlessly between devices to carry forward your paperwork.


apps for the working lady

TurboScan (iOS, Android) (US$4.59)

This app could come in very handy if you need to send a copy of a physical document to someone while on the go. TurboScan turns your device into a multipage scanner and allows to you to save or email your documents as PDF or JPEG files. No wonder it has been the top business app in the United States and 20+ other countries for over three years.


apps for the working ladyDropbox (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Kindle Fire) (Free-C$11.99/month)

With Dropbox, you can save files (documents, photos, videos etc.) from your computer to your Dropbox profile, sync files across your mobile devices, and access them from anywhere, even when you are offline. You can also send your files to and share specific folders with other parties. I can personally testify to the convenience of DropBox – I’ve used it for over four years to carry important files from résumés to recipes.


apps for the working lady

CamCard (iOS, Android) (Free-US$1.19)

CamCard lets you to scan and save a picture of a physical business card so it can be quickly referenced in the future. It also allows you to access your business cards from anywhere and at any time as all cards are stored in the cloud and synchronised across mobile devices in real-time. An added tip for the global business person, this app reads cards in 16 languages including Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and French.


apps for the working lady

Uber (iOS, Android) (Free)

Uber simply sells itself. This is hands down one of the most talked-about apps in recent years. Uber serves as a private driver in over 50 countries, which is amazing if you travel frequently as you don’t have to worry about flagging a ride, not having sufficient foreign currency to pay for your ride, or getting duped into overpaying for a ride. Upon setting up an account, you can request a ride within minutes and select between vehicle types from individual drivers to “black cars”. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, Uber instantly charges your credit card and emails you a receipt!

Do you use any of these apps? Which other apps would you recommend?

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