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In recent years, the evolution of the rubber boot has sprouted in society. Hunter, a well known UK rubber boot brand has taken off, as their boots have become very popularly worn amongst us fashionable career girls . These boots are an investment, however, as the recognizable brand charges anywhere from $155 for the shorter ones to $295 for the full-length pairs with fur.

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hunter boots

Hunter boots  come in a variety of colours, patterns and style options. Who would’ve known that rubber boots would become stylish?? The company also sells thermal socks in many colours and patterns to go inside of the boots, as well as other apparel and accessories. The “wellies”, however, are the main attraction.

hunter boots

Due to the price of the Hunter boots, we really just want to get the best bang for our bucks, and so  we have been using the boots not only as rain boots but as winter boots as well. The socks are warm and can easily convert the rain boots into winter boots by making the insides warm.

I myself have been a proud owner of Hunter wellies since 2011, and now own two pairs: one of the original style and the other in a quilted style. I still have both pairs and wear them when it’s raining or in the winter time, however, after owning this product I have realised that they are not the most practical option to use as winter boots.

Here is a product review on the Hunter boots as rain boots in comparison to winter boots:


hunter 5

The purpose of the rubber boot that Hunter has branded is not only to look stylish, but to protect the feet against rain. These boots are very practical and efficient for this purpose. I have not run into any problems when using them as rain boots. They are sturdy, thick enough to protect against the rain, and the tall ones cover a good majority of my legs as to prevent my pants from getting wet.


hunter boots

I have definitely been one of those people who have tried to multipurpose the boots for efficiency. I would recommend against it, however, as I have run into problems when using the boots in extreme temperatures. Being a Canadian and all, the winter temperatures here get to be pretty icy, as last winter we had -30 and -40 degree weather many days. Both of my pairs of boots have cracks in the feet now, which are from being worn in the cold. I do own a couple pairs of the socks, however, they only keep the inside of the boots warm and unfortunately have no exterior protection. I’ve also found that the boots do not have the best traction, and I’ve definitely slipped and fallen in icy areas while wearing them!

hunter boots

I would definitely recommend the boots to be strictly worn for rainy days, however, I would go with a different brand such as UGG or Sorel snow boots that provide greater traction and protection.

Written by Brooke Horrobin

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  • Angela Fannin says:

    I bought my first pair of the knee high black.
    I’m in love with my Hunters!!!#
    55yrs old and rocking them!????????

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