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Megan Tierney grew up on the San Francisco Peninsula and played competitive tennis. She was ranked #1 in doubles in Northern California, and in the top 100 in the U.S. in singles. Megan graduated from Weil Academy with honors and received the Diamond Award as the school’s Outstanding Senior. She was the Yearbook editor and recruited to play college tennis.

Megan attended the University of Oregon and graduated with a degree in Political Science. Upon graduation, Megan was hired by the Penn Florida Companies. She moved to South Florida and worked as a commercial leasing agent. A year later, she joined Investments Limited, a large privately held Commercial Real Estate firm. She worked as a commercial leasing agent and marketing associate in the leasing department.

In 2008, Megan co-founded and became CEO, directing the company’s mission and vision. She implemented Bizcasts’s operational activities, advertising campaigns, marketing strategy and financing. She built affiliate relationships with corporate clients and hosted events to build corporate identity. In 2012, Megan sold her shares of to her co-founder.  Megan continues to focus on her entrepreneurial endeavours . She is the founder of LOUISE & ELEANOR a Los Angeles based women’s luxury fashion company. She invests in real estate and is also the entrepreneur columnist for The PALMS magazine in S. Florida.  She lives in Los Angeles.

Name: Megan Tierney

Age: 32

Location: Los Angeles

Current title | Company: Founder & CEO, LOUISE & ELEANOR

Education: University Of Oregon

Website :

What was your first job and how did you land it? 

My first venture into the entrepreneurial space was in college when I started a t-shirt company with a friend of mine. My first job after college was at a real estate acquisitions, development and leasing company. I had to pass a few rounds of interviews before I got an offer letter so it was an exciting time at the beginning of my career.

Why did you decided to start LOUISE & ELEANOR ? 

When I started LOUISE & ELEANOR, all I knew is that I wanted to create a brand for women like you and me. Women who are dreamers, women who desire adventure and women who want to make this world a better place.

LOUISE & ELEANOR handbags are created for the woman-on-the-go as she sets out to chase her dreams. A fashion brand with a purpose, LOUISE & ELEANOR is focused on positively impacting women worldwide. Through campaigns that give back to and inspire women, LOUISE & ELEANOR encourages women to live extraordinarily.

Every LOUISE & ELEANOR handbag makes a positive difference, donating a portion of each season’s proceeds to selected women’s nonprofit organizations. At the end of the day, LOUISE & ELEANOR is about something much bigger than myself. This brand is about empowering women to recognize that their potential is limitless. When you carry a LOUISE & ELEANOR handbag, I want you to know that anything is within your reach and feel confident knowing that your journey is leading you to exactly where you are meant to be.

louise & eleanor

What is a typical day at Louise & Eleanor like ?

There’s really no typical day at LOUISE & ELEANOR. This is something that can be exciting but also challenging. When I’m in LA; going to the factory and working on the collection, reviewing styles with the team, conference calls, accounting, photoshoots, potential partnership meetings and fabric shopping to name a few.  Truth be told, it’s so many little things that have to come together to make it all work. It’s important we have a really great team whom enjoy working together, believe in what we’re doing and want to give back to others and our customers.
When I’m not in LA; I travel a lot for work. In all honestly, it’s been challenging  to find that work/life balance, especially in the early stages of the company. I’ve had to give up certain things to be able to manage it all but that’s allowed me to prioritize better and be even more grateful for the wonderful people in my life. At the end of the day, I love what we’re doing. I believe strongly in the fight against human trafficking and other causes we support. Every person who buys a LOUISE & ELEANOR bag is giving back in some way to help others and that makes all the struggles worthwhile.

What inspires you and what keeps you happy?

We partner with some amazing charities at LOUISE & ELEANOR and hearing stories of the women and some of the hardships they have overcome is inspiring to want to do more.

What challenges have you faced since starting this business?

I’ve faced major challenges when starting LOUISE & ELEANOR. From manufacturing setbacks, shipping delays and development problems (to name a few), it’s been a constant uphill battle. We’ve managed to survive because of the wonderful team we have and because this business is my dream. My love for it and desire to help others through the company has helped to overcome the many road blocks and setbacks.

If you could go back and make any changes, what would they be?

In hindsight, there are many things I would go back and change but the mistakes have brought me to where I am today and made me who I am. As opposed to wanting to go back, I think it’s learning from the mistakes and even though I’ll make more, striving to be a better person than the day before.

louise & eleanor

What would you tell your 20-year-old self?

Find out who you are and stay true to that person. Don’t let fear drown out your own; voice, opinion or viewpoint. It’s okay to think outside the box, be different and comfortable being exactly who you are.

What is the future for LOUISE & ELEANOR?

LOUISE & ELEANOR is an ambitious company so there is a lot on the horizon. Right now we’re focused on the upcoming holiday season, growing our amazing community of supporters, giving back to the incredible charities we partner with and continually keeping a smile on our customers faces.

What advice would you give to people wanting to start a business in luxury fashion? 

I would give anyone starting a business the same advice; the first, know your market. Second, start something you absolutely love, love, love doing. There are going to be many ups, downs, tough time and scary moments. When the bad times hit, the passion for what you’re doing will help to keep you going and inspired. Lastly, surround yourself with a trustworthy, competent team and all work together to treat your customers like gold.

Anything else we should know?  

Go for it and take chances, lots of them. In reality, we have a short amount of time to love the people we love and accomplish what we can. Create wonderful things with this beautiful life we’re given and always remember to be kind to e/o in the process.

One thing that makes you | your business ” Younique” 

In the words of the iconic Diana Vreeland, “Style—all who have it share one thing: originality.” .  It’s great to get inspiration from the outside but it’s important to take what you get from others and make it your own with your stamp and voice.

louise & eleanor



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