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You are probably swamped with emails between 9am-5pm in the working week and even at the weekend if we are honest. Anything from important information, lunch meetings to quick requests can land in your inbox and finding the time to deal with them all is half the battle. That’s where Gmail for Boomerang comes in: this plugin makes emails more digestible with some very useful features and it is user friendly too.


Here’s the scenario: it’s Saturday afternoon and you’ve finished up some documents for Monday morning. Of course you could send them on the Saturday, but that means other incoming emails could push yours to the bottom of the receiver’s pile. With Boomerang, you can schedule these documents to arrive in the recipient’s inbox on Monday at 9am. Perfect. Boomerang allows you to pick the perfect time to send an email with the Send Later feature.

2. The follow up

Did you remember to follow up with that client? With Boomerang, you can remind yourself to follow up on a thread if you don’t receive a response in a set time frame. This way, Boomerang keeps the communication going whether you’re conversing with colleagues or external clients. It’ll make you look organised, and these are the ideal people to work with!

3.Email reminders

Forward planning means putting things in the calendar that are weeks or months away. Boomerang will help remind you of these events closer to the time with email reminders. When you send these emails away from your inbox with the plug-in, you can even attach a note to tell yourself  why it went away or why it’s coming back into your inbox. You can also use this function to remind you to pay your bills or send a thoughtful email to a colleague or client.

4. Respondable

Have you ever spent way too long considering the tone or length of an email to your boss or client? Boomerang can’t help you get that time back, but it can do the next best thing. Respondable gathers data from millions of emails sent with Boomerang to help you write more approachable emails. The software works in real-time as you type to provide information on the likelihood of a response.

5. Available on mobile

You can’t always be at the office, but you can still take all of Boomerang’s features on your Android smart phone app. Fear not iPhone users – while developers are building the app for iOS, Boomerang is still available through Safari or Google Chrome. Great emails are for everyone!

What other tips do you have for managing emails?

Written by Tracey Murigi

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