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It’s January. The Christmas decorations have returned to the loft, the food and nibbles consumed (mostly) and New Year resolutions may’ve already been broken (who’s struggling with January one week in??). Fear not; all is not lost.

Goal setting for 2017 is still achievable so here’s our 6-point plan to help secure those little back taps or air punches in the months ahead.

1. First you need a list.

Big goals. Little goals. Ones that can be achieved in a short period of time (less than a month – for example, applying for that job you’ve been thinking about) and others that may take several months (two words – weight loss!). Have you downloaded the FWL Goal Worksheet?

2. Reality check

I’m all about setting the bar high, but try to give yourself realistic goals with a couple of ‘dream’ goals thrown in for good measure. No-one likes to fail and it can often leave us feeling deflated and depressed – motivation’s enemy!

3. Write list

Now to write the list, in a positive tone. Remember how it feels to be criticised? Well the same applies here – we don’t want the negative energy. Setting goals isn’t about beating yourself up for what you haven’t done or achieved by now. It’s about looking forward. Painting a picture of what you want in your life, how you want to live your life and who you want there to join you on that ride.

4. Identification

Identify these things specifically. We all want to be happy but you have to define what happiness is for you. From getting back into those jeans you love (but haven’t worn for two years) or spending more time with family to being able to afford you own home or gaining enough confidence to help bag that promotion (and pay rise) you’ve been hoping for.

5. Action plan

Next you’ll need an action plan! The early bird only catches the worm if he or she has left the nest. There’s no point laying there thinking about what you want, you have to set out a clear path as to what you need to do to achieve those goals. Some will take more steps than others so equip yourself with the right shoes for each journey!

6. Pep talk

Finally, the pep talks. Particularly for goals that take a little more time to achieve. You may hit some bumps along the road so you’ll need to have some boosters up your sleeve to get you over any obstacles or setbacks. A supportive friend or partner could also be of use – as long as they come with an equal measure of tough love and proactive encouragement.

Be inspired. Learn new habits. And embrace change. Good luck!

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