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how to create peace of mind

Our minds are always racing. Thinking about the things we need to do and what we want to do in the future. It’s like we’re racing against the clock, but we can slow it all down and it’s okay to do so! We all have different responsibilities it’s just how we handle them in order to have peace of mind.

Here are a few tips on how to create peace of mind:

Take a deep breath!

Sometimes you just need to stop what you’re doing, literally stop and take a deep breath. Go for a walk, swim, just do something that makes you relaxed.

Note  it down

Write down a list of things you need to do and begin to cross it off one by one. Even if it’s something small. The reason for this is because you’re giving yourself peace of mind seeing and physically signing off that your tasks have been done.

Be accepting

Accept the things that have happened and accept the things that may happen. Nothing and no one is perfect! You can’t have peace of mind if you’re holding a grudge or constantly having negative thoughts about the future. Just remember there are always solutions.

Stand up to your beliefs

We constantly see or hear people being judge for the things they wear, what they like or how they look. It will be an ongoing thing, but we have proven that we can come together sending each other positive vibes. Be who you are. If it’s too scary just take it a step at a time there is no pressure. If someone is giving you pressure well let’s leave that for the next step.

Convert the negativity

Convert the negativity and push back at the things that are holding you down. There will always be something but you find peace of mind by acknowledging and fighting against it. Many can say it’s just people trying to hurt your feelings and you should ignore it. That is an option but at the same time we are human and we are going to feel it, there is no shame in that. Find ways through writing, singing, reading, cooking or playing an instrument to release that stress and annoyance. “They say I look bad well they haven’t tasted my Chocolate Pie! What was it that was said in The Help? Eat my what??”

Live in the moment

As I said before it’s okay to slow down. Take in the moments around you, every second of it! Stop thinking about what you’ve got to do next. Just be in that moment because you may just miss something special. It doesn’t have to just be about your child’s first or even your first. It could be a moment that will continuously make you have an instant smile or laugh at yourself stupidly. You could learn how to overcome something or see things you never noticed about something or someone before. Take it in.

They say health is wealth and this is something truly overlooked, with all the drive for success it’s important that we create a balance so we are able to function sanely.

How do you create peace of mind?

Amani Henry

Amani Henry

Amani is a Photographer and Media Specialist. She has worked in London and Canada managing and leading teams within Film and Media. Amani has a passion for sharing positivity and expressing herself to help others. She often has people call her Gucci and Prada!

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