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Often the cover letter is the thing that gets forgotten. You work hard on our CV, then send it off with perhaps a few clichéd words to say how much you want the job. But if that’s your usual approach, then you’re missing a trick. Think how many CVs employers receive and just how many of the same sentences they read over and over again. That’s why the cover letter is the perfect opportunity to really stand out from the crowd. So here’s a few essential tips on creating the perfect cover letter.


Use the cover letter to detail briefly why your experience is relevant for the role and, if possible, highlight any key achievements or previous successes. Don’t repeat what’s on your CV but add in anything extra or draw out one or two key points that summarise who you are and what you’re about. Use it as another way to show how you are different from most other applicants and what makes you unique. Make it interesting and use language that is appropriate for the company; this doesn’t always mean more formal is better.


Those extra 15 minutes to write out a cover letter can be a deal breaker so use them wisely. You can use the same template for different companies but make sure each letter is specific to the role and organisation. If you can’t be bothered to write the letter then maybe it’s a sign that it’s not really the right job for you.

how to create the perfect cover letter

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Whilst your CV is sometimes a little more difficult to make really specific, a few lines in your cover letter about what attracted you to the role or the company shows that you have taken time to do your research and that you have a genuine interest. Try to keep it concise, to the point and relevant to the role.


If you’re applying online then often there will be contact details available for the recruiter. Rather than just applying through the standard process, take the opportunity to also email your cover letter and CV directly to the recruiter, to show how interested you are. Don’t be afraid to contact people directly as seeing your name and application more than once will only make you much memorable.

Do you have any tips on creating the perfect cover letter?

Hayley Wintermantle

Hayley Wintermantle

Hayley is an international coach and career catalyst encouraging women who feel unfulfilled in their career to explore more of who they really are and what truly lights them up, so they can carve their own path. Blending her passion for work and travel, she can be found delivering workshops and soaking up new cultures all over the world .

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