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Your heart is tugging and you’re having mixed emotions. You aren’t sure if you should be mad or just smile. “Urgh! She’s so damn lucky” muttering under your breath while forcing a fake smile.

Selena just got the call from her boss to lead as Creative Director in the Singapore branch. Just last week you were raising your glasses to toast to her new jewellery line, a business you wouldn’t mind starting yourself!

It seems like everything is happening for your best friend while you are left out in the cold. Just as success brings laughter and happiness, it also has the tendency to cause friction in relationships.

Let’s discuss ways we can handle being jealous of your best friend’s success.

Be Genuine

Your friend’s success could strengthen the bond or cause friction in your relationship. Talk to your friend. Genuinely tell her how you feel and be sure to erase any form of sarcasm because your friend might even feel that she hasn’t even met her goals for the year. Hearing your plight might even leave her feeling thankful and she could also give you a fresh perspective on your life and steps you need to take to get out of the rut. True friends always add value. It could be a shoulder to cry on, some money when you are low on cash or help set up a business meeting with a potential investor.

Take A Few Steps Back

Be conscious of your past and hopeful for your future. Being ahead without any direction is a recipe for disaster. Train your mind to look back on how far you’ve come and the steps you’ve taken to start a new journey; new job or move from employee to entrepreneur.

The Grass Looks Greener on the other Side

Sometimes the things we admire most about others is a thorn in their flesh. They just know how to graciously deal with their issues.

Take a cue from two friends; One is a stay at home mum, while the other is a busy business executive. Both women long to live in each other’s shoes for a day. The homemaker sulks “I’m just a hot mess, all I do is cook, swipe runny noses, do school runs and recite nursery rhymes”. Her friend is daydreaming in the office, “I can’t believe I missed Jayden’s first walk, he’s growing so fast and it seems like I don’t spend enough time with him. This guilt is eating me up inside”

Live in the Moment

Success is relative for everyone at different times in their life. That you haven’t achieved as much as you anticipated doesn’t mean that there are no little victories in your kitty.

Soak up in the sun, live in the moment and enjoy the memories that come with each passing day.

Let this inspire you

Always use the opportunity of your friends success to inspire you to do more, a bit of healthy competition is always good! As long as it’s healthy!

The longest day always has an end. Don’t let jealousy ruin one exciting aspect of your life- The gift of true friendship. Be happy for your best friend, be the greatest cheerleader and in no time, she’ll take turns to shout to the roof top when it’s your turn to shine!


Tracy Oyekanmi

Tracy Oyekanmi

Tracy is a consummate Corporate Communications professional whose interests lie in Marketing Communications, Public Relations, Brand building, Strategy and Planning. She has had notable success with managing PR for various international companies in Nigeria. She loves to write, organize events and cook

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