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Trust is a global currency that is not factored by time, distance or economic situations. However, the formula is hidden in our ability to allow ourselves be vulnerable.

Here are some things to consider when learning how to gains someone’s trust

Take Your Time

Trust is not something to be rushed, it takes time. People trust what they are comfortable with especially when they feel listened to and understood. Approach trust with the same way you build a house; Get a building plan/approval, then work from the bottom to the top. If you want people to trust you, do not disappoint on little things like due deadlines , commitments , keeping promises and if you cannot deliver, there‚Äôs no crime, simply inform the other party. Sometimes the issue isn’t the situation but the fact that you have not communicated the situation at hand, communication is key.

Validate Yourself

It is one thing to get people to trust you and another to even trust yourself. Think about this objectively; if you were to be your own business partner, friend or coach, how would you rate yourself? Would you consider yourself as trustworthy? Or would you avoid you? You should have a strong conviction about your personality and be confident that you are a great person to trust then people will gravitate towards you as someone to trust.

Be Consistent

Consistency is the bedrock of trust. It is how you handle the little things that matter in your dealings with people that reveal if you are someone to be trusted or not. Let consistency be the key in your actions, values, and beliefs. The secret to long-lasting relationships is trust , consistency and communication.

Trust is built upon several experiences people have had interacting with you. The more you interact with people, the more opportunities you open up for you to trust people and for people to trust you as well.

Remember, trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to build.

Tracy Oyekanmi

Tracy Oyekanmi

Tracy is a consummate Corporate Communications professional whose interests lie in Marketing Communications, Public Relations, Brand building, Strategy and Planning. She has had notable success with managing PR for various international companies in Nigeria. She loves to write, organize events and cook

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