Pajamas to work? Yes! It’s our absolute dream. To me I would really just want to wake up and go with whatever pajamas I have on . Pajamas is having a major moment in fashion and I’m all for it. Everyone should be comfortable in the clothes they wear, for whatever body type, and this trend covers it.There’s just one concern, how do you wear pajamas without looking like you just rolled out of bed? Well here’s a handful of tips on how to make your pajama set work appropriate.

Avoid looking crumpled

Make sure the creases are properly steamed and ironed and there are NO wrinkles. You wouldn’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed. There’s a difference between the lived-in and polished look, that’s the deciding factor.

Pay close attention to the fabric

pajamas set to work
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When wearing pajamas to work, it is most preferable to wear silk fabric because it is more formal. Leave the cotton pieces for the comfort of your home. Also, adding a classic pointy-toe pump will elevate the look, making it more office-appropriate.

Layering brings a new feel

pajamas set to work
Pajamas are usually loose and baggy. Try to layer them under blazers, dresses, vests or sweaters. This helps to pull them in and smoothen them out. It also helps to accentuate your figure and gives them shape.

Pair up with tailored pieces

pajamas set to work

Black always adds polish. Pajamas is usually loose so balance it with black tailored pieces. Also colors like red, white or grey tailored pieces work great as well. It is important to have a mix of casual and sharp components in the look. If all items are slouchy you will look messy.

Pajamas MUST be loose

pajamas set to work

Avoid at any circumstance a tight pajamas piece. Pants, shorts or blouses should be loose and flowy. Enjoy this trend that fits for all body types. Just let the silk flow. Use these tips coupled with any ideas that may come to you and I’m sure you’d rock this amazing trend perfectly.


Written by Alexis Ebri.

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