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It’s 6:00am , the alarm rings in that annoyingly high pitched ring tone you set, because it’s the only thing that can get you out of bed! You sluggishly roll over, hit the snooze button while contemplating on wether you’ll get up and workout. You snuggle up , unlock your phone and start tapping. Your day has begun, again, with social media.

 Does this sound familiar, I’m sure it does.

Honestly, this is the new norm.  Everything is on social media these days, from inspirational/motivational posts , workout ideas , meal prep ideas , how to become a boss , you name it. So if there are so many positives about being on social media why is a social media detox needed anyway? I mean what could be so negative here (asides from the fact that you’ve been stalking someone and social media makes it even more convenient)

Here are 3  reasons why every working lady needs a social media detox once in a while:


It’s important to never lose touch on the reality around you, social media takes you into a whole new world of faux perfection. We only see what people want us to see as such it is never a reality of what is really going on. Refinery 29 recently shared that scientists have found that seeing all that faux perfection on social media can lead to depression. The more time you spend on social media, the more likely you will feel like you’re missing out.

No one’s life is as perfect as it looks on social media and we need to remember that to keep our sanity in check


As working ladies who tend to get busy, it is necessary that we divide our time sensibly and only invest into that which will bring us value.  This process may even lead to an increase in your work productivity, you’d be surprised as to how easily a ” Let me quickly check my DM’s” can turn into a 2-hour session of scrolling through your social media timeline. Invest less time into social media and more time into things that are valuable such as having real face to face conversations with family / friends around you.


Moments are created for us to live and enjoy however nowadays we spend more time on capturing the moment for others to see and not really experiencing it. The moments which then become memories are then not as valuable as they should be. So next time you are out in the moment, live it, enjoy it and cherish it!

Now that you have a few good reasons as to why we all need a social media detox every now and again, what are the first steps you’ll take to make this happen?

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