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“We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light” – Mary Dunbar

One of the biggest struggle in life is the struggle to know, embrace and accept ourselves, with all of our faults and imperfections; to understand our strengths and weaknesses and use them to our advantage. You may have learnt traits that stop you from fully loving yourself, but that love can help you become even more successful than you are already! So stop comparing yourself to others, thinking negatively and start to practise more self-happiness techniques to set you on the path to success.

Here are some benefits of loving yourself:

More Positivity

People who love themselves and are comfortable in their own skin exude positivity; when you are sure of yourself, there is very little space for negativity to creep in. Others are drawn to positive people and enjoy being round them, leading to better relationships and opportunities for success. It is a circle that continually nourishes itself and with work is achievable, but you have to practise consistent positivity day in day out otherwise it won’t work. Positivity will also help you move on quicker from negative situations, dwelling on the actions of others will sow negativity, learning to accept and move forward is a great positive trait.

Emotional Intelligence

EI is the ‘ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others’. It is something that is hard to learn and needs constant nurturing, however once harnessed it is a very powerful tool. Only when you love yourself can you really practise EI and achieve:

  1. Emotional awareness, including the ability to identify your own emotions and those of others;
  2. The ability to harness emotions and apply them to tasks like thinking and problems solving;
  3. The ability to manage emotions, including the ability to regulate your own emotions, and the ability to cheer up or calm down another person.

Read more about EI here

Powerful skills to have, you have to really know yourself, but the benefits of regulating environments and problem solving will go a long way to your success, from personal to professional situations.

Break Destructive Cycles

Emotional intelligence can stop destructive cycles; whether you don’t think you deserve something, or you think you deserve more, it is hard to be grateful and content with what you have been given – you want more, you want it better and faster. Before practising EI my destructive cycles were every 3 years and I have plenty of friends who push the self-destruct button too – whether it’s leaving a prospering career, happy relationship or fazing people out. Loving yourself will make you feel more content with everything in your life, and that you have more control over your choices, inevitably leading to more success.

Healthy Self-Esteem

Comparing yourselves to others is not a healthy habit to have, however it’s hard not to do it with temptation all around us: Facebook and Instagram are the worst offenders with plenty of #inspo or #goals out there. Here’s the thing, all of those people have doubts and bad days too – everyone does – but having a healthy self-esteem drags you out of the darkness and helps you carry on. If you struggle with your esteem, please practise techniques to improve it or seek advice, it is essential to really loving yourself and leading a content life.

Better Networks

People who love themselves are infectious to be around, generally the life and soul of the party; with their arsenal of EI, self-esteem and positivity people want to be around them and who can blame them? These people have strong networks as a by-product of their behaviour, they are empathetic and kind, meaning they make friends easily and retain them too. We all know the importance of a good network for success, as well as a support network, and loving yourself will build your network.

You could definitly benefit from loving yourself more, so why not try Mindfulness or Yoga to start you on your enlightened journey; it doesn’t just help with success, but also your overall health and quality of life. Let me know if you have practised any of the above in the past and how you got on?



Catherine works in international marketing and events, she has a passion for sharing her knowledge to help others in their career. A keen traveler she has lived in New Zealand, China and England, and explored a lot more of the world; Catherine describes herself as a cup half full and embraces her busy life at 100mph.


  • Patricia Allen, CRPC says:

    Words well spoken and oh so true! I especially love the part about emotional intelligence. That has to be the most challenging, I am sure for many of us. Thank you for sharing!

  • So true! I loved this post and defiantly found in my years of running my own business that the times I took time for myself to take a nice bath or just breathe were the times I came up with the best ideas and had my head on straight! Thanks for sharing these tips <3

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