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As the year is coming to an end various spam emails and social media posts are constantly reminding us that the time has come for ‘wrapping up your 2016 goals and getting your 2017 goals in place’. Some of you may be feeling like trash wondering why you may have not achieved everything on the list but succeeded to only  achieving 3/10.

Why does this happen you ask? Because simply put you’re human. Life happens. You get tired. You get busy. You get lazy.

Sometimes it’s not always for lack of trying, you actually sincerely forget about the lady you want to become and and the goals you want to achieve. I get caught up in the day to day (I need to change my wardrobe , I need to earn make more cash , why is my darn phone not working???) then suddenly your grand 2016 goals can be easily forgotten.

One thing that can help with all this : Follow the right Instagram accounts that will remind you about the lady you want to become and the goals you want to achieve on a daily basis.

  1. On becoming healthy and eating clean this. Why not follow @fithealthyrecipes

2. On changing your mindset and trying to be more positive, try out @before5am

3.  On wanting to learn French , follow @Frenchwords

4. On wanting to travel more,checkout @12hrsguide

5. On wanting to be better with your finances @clevergirlfinance

So ridiculously easy, right? Let’s face it, we spend tons of time on social media , it may as well play a positive role in our lives! I’m not sure about you but most times when I am at a low scrolling through Instagram I need a boost of motivation to get on with my day because either work is driving me crazy or I just can’t seem to understand why I’m not dropping those last kilos!

When I see @fithealthyrecipes post a delicious meal , I am reminded of the need to eat healthy and get inspiration for my next healthy meal! Of course following these accounts won’t make things happen miraculously (Read here on goal setting) but this will constantly help me REMEMBER my goals and encourage me to meet them. And sometimes that is the first step, just remembering the lady we want to be and those awesome goals we have set!

You may not have Instagram but you can apply this to anything you follow on a daily basis. Facebook, Pinterest? Maybe signup to receive emails from these brands that will give you bi weekly alerts around your goals.


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