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Working in a team could be a little challenging because you  have to deal with different attitudes and personalities, it becomes even harder when you have been given the responsibility to manage that team. The responsibility cannot be avoided and as they say “Team work makes the dream work” so here are  5 ways to motivate and build a strong team:


Having a positive attitude produces a fun work environment and if you’re able to create this environment your team mates will feed of this attitude. So that means that if you are always in a bad mood your team may just replicate that and that might also cause them to put in half of the effort instead of 100%. Not really gonna make the dream work is it?


Tram building exercises gives the team the opportunity to get to know one another,  find out their interests and their preferred working style. Once you’re able to identify these things it will help with communication and better team production.


Create a clear understanding of the goals everyone is to reach individually as well as the overall team. Once this is clear everyone knows the targets they must hit which will lead to a stronger team.


Listening is a big key to developing a successful team. Be opened to change or new ideas , don’t forget that there is no I in  TEAM, so give everyone a chance to share their thoughts because something good might come out of it.


As a leader, celebrating achievements or even the little things can totally transform how an individual continues to produce their work. Employees want to feel important, it creates a sense of being valued and build confidence. We all appreciate that our  hard work is being noticed so do the same for them.

Hope these five tips help you create a stronger team

Written by Isiuwa Igodan

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