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How To Shop Wisely This Autumn

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A new season means new collections, fragrances, designs, pumpkin spice and everything nice. Odds are, as the leaves change colors you will be feeling the urge to get out and shop for your fall necessities. So many of us get a little too carried away with these quarterly shopping sprees (i.e., summer’s coming? let’s buy eight new bikinis, or winter is approaching? time to buy that £350 pure merino wool jacket).

I’m guilty as well! More than once I have fallen victim to the appeal of “all new everything.” But! It usually leaves me feeling dissatisfied, broke and with too many purchases from fast fashion shops. I don’t know about you, but when I get carried away shopping, it leaves me feeling majorly guilty.

That is why we are going to discuss How To Shop Wisely This Autumn. So you can enjoy the change of season, shift in your style and most importantly keep your finances in order.

Understand Your Budget

Budgets are your friend. Take some time to make an overall budget which includes your rent + utilities + wifi + groceries + transit costs and from there determine what is left and available to use for your own personal enjoyment (aka. shopping + pumpkin spice lattes). You have to be responsible with your money, and make sure that all your daily necessities are covered before even thinking about walking into & Other Stories. The worst mistake I’ve made time and time again is spending money that I don’t have.

Understanding your budget will help gauge what your spending and how much money you actually have to put towards purchases like new coats, fall boots and accessories. Being smart with your money and very aware of your finances is the first step from doing any fall shopping guilt free.

Determine What You Need

What you need and what you want are two very different things. Speaking from experience, just because you want something doesn’t mean you need to run out and buy it. But, if you need something, it will be a smart purchase that you will get a lot of use out of. For example, with fall approaching it is a good time to determine what you have for outer wear. Do you have a appropriate coat to get you through a colder season? If the answer is yes, you should not be shopping for a coat. If the answer is no, finding a suitable (and affordable coat) would be a priority on your shopping list.

I suggest that you make a cup of tea/coffee and sit down, make a quick list of your wants and needs and then head straight to your own closet. Determine what you already have that is on your list and from there decide what you feel you can spend your own money on. When you don’t repurchase items you already own, you are saving money for purchases that you actually need. Smart.

Be A Smart Shopper

There are so many little ways to become a smarter shopper. My best piece of advice is to become truly aware of your money. Like mentioned above, creating a budget and determining what you need is crucial to not over-spending on items that you don’t need. But there are some simple tips & tricks that will help you make great purchases and look amazing this fall.

1. Avoid Online Shopping.

Now, I know what you are thinking – “There are so many great offers online, and free shipping?!” No. When you are trying to stick to a budget and shop wisely you need to take a break from online shopping. Firstly, not being able to see the item in person or try it on can be risky and often lead to buying things that don’t fit properly or look like they did in the picture. Save yourself the hassle (and the cash) and only shop in person.

2. Sleep on it.

 This is a trick as old as time. If you find something you love and need, sleep on the idea of buying it. If the next day it is still on your mind and you still feel comfortable spending the money on it, go for it. Being impulsive can lead to an empty bank account. Never buy something that costs more than £50 in the moment. Take your time to make the decision if that purchase is right for you.

3. Make Investment Purchases. 

This tip depends on your budget, but if you can, make investment purchases. Buy things that are of good quality, items that can potentially carry through to winter and maybe even next fall. When you invest in your wardrobe the items you have will wear better, and last longer. Saving you money next autumn.

4.Avoid Super Trendy Pieces.

When you have limited funds to splurge on a few new fall pieces, be very picky with what is on “trend”. Trends will come and go, but style is forever. If you love a piece and it fits your own personal style, buy that! Spending your hard earned money on a frilly jumper yon won’t want to wear next month is…a waste of money.

Make a budget and stick to it! Don’t feel frugal, but embrace your financial wisdom. You will have more freedom if you spend within your limits. You can still look flawless on a budget, happy shopping!

Hannah Russell

Hannah Russell

Hannah is a passion-driven, coffee drinking, art-loving twenty-something. Currently living in London, England, she loves to create content, network and inspire other women. Hannah believes in living the most creative life possible and tries to communicate this motto through her blog. Her future aspirations include a career in Marketing and Communications!

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