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For the working lady, being productive is necessary, especially in the chaotic modern life in which nothing seems to get done. It often happens that bad planning, tiredness, procrastination, or something unexpected get in the way of our busy lives. Well, do not worry: we have gathered for you four simple habits for you to do each evening to be more productive.

#1 To-do list for the next day

A clear list of tasks to do the next day will give you an idea of how to plan your day and what to expect. Don’t plan to do everything you have been postponed for months in one day! This will only make you more anxious and you will feel overwhelmed with things to do. Be realistic. A to-do task list will make you feel at peace and have a visual image of your day. A nice colourful agenda helps, especially for week-planning. One of the moments of greatest satisfaction in my life is ticking a box next to a task after having completed it! Remember to plan some you-time.

#2 Get things tidy

I am not tidy. At all. My mom still always tells me that a tidy house is a tidy mind. Well… this is true, and I am sure you will find it too. In the evening you could tidy up your room, house, wash the dishes, do the laundry. We all know the feeling of waking up to a dirty and messy house…Also, preparing your clothes or bag for the next day, allows you to plan efficiently in the evening and will give you more time to sleep in the morning.

#3 Time for yourself : 30 minutes

Taking time for yourself and to relax is important in order to re-charge, feel better, and to not lose touch with yourself. I highly recommend mindfulness meditation (even a 5 minutes one), which is very effective for procrastination and it really leaves you positive and relaxed, yet energetic. If not, you could take a hot bath with candles, do a face or hair mask or any beauty treatment, read the book that has been on your desk for two months, enjoy a glass of wine, a walk in nature, or anything you know you truly enjoy and that will make you relax and enjoy your own company.

#4 Sleep earlier!

Now, this is fundamental. Having decent sleep changes our moods, energy levels, productiveness, social interactions… our lives! When in bed, try not to have your laptop, phone or anything electronic which might keep you active: a book might be a good way to falling asleep. If you tend to do a lot around the house in the evening, then put an alarm: when it rings, you will know you will only have twenty minutes to be in bed with the lights off. No excuses. You will see the results of constant and healthy sleep in your mood, energy, and even on your smoother skin.

What habits do you do in the evenings that help you to be more productive?

Written by Laura Maria Verona Rinati

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