There are certain things in life that have stood the test of time, the pyramids in Egypt, the Great Wall of China, Olduvai Gorge, the Easter Bunny…the list is endless(sort of). Trends by its very definition isn’t one of them. A large number of items we know are purely fads, just there to thrill us until the next new thing comes along.

Fashion really is a circle or a revolving door. Nothing new, mostly newer models of the same old stuff. I dread the day hipsters, gypsy tops, ponchos, and bandanas come back revamped.

So, lets talk timeless fashion items, as the backbone of your wardrobe and how these pieces aim towards quality spending and fashionable investments.

Here is the jeans and white tops that every wardrobe and person needs.These items simply can’t go out of fashion due to their practicality and can be paired with whatever the latest trend maybe, be it ponchos or hipsters.


Jeans and white tops

Jeans are expressive and discreet, they have sex appeal and simplicity, everything I could want for in the clothes I design – Levi Strauss

Jeans, the most versatile fashion item since the 1860s. It is for all ages, both sexes, every social class, and any weather. From the loose, comfort, relaxed, distressed, slim, skinny, tapered, straight, bootcut, cigarette bottom, narrow bottom, low waist, high waist, fitted, anti-fit, and flared, it’s a never ending pool of selection.

Made popular by James dean and Marlon Brandon in movies such as-” Rebel without cause” and ” The wild one”, jeans made their way from being the ultimate work pants for labourers, cowboys and miners to a symbol of youth rebellion, to high fashion and a needed wardrobe item. Thank you Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss for this great invention.

FACT: Elizabeth Smith Miller was the first woman known to wear pants in 1851( no record of the first woman to wear jeans)

Next we have the Tee shirt, named after the T shape.


jeans and white tops

The first known use of the word T-shirt was by F.Scott Fitzgerald in his 1920 novel “This side of paradise”. The T-shirt one of the most popular wardrobe items, evolved from an undergarment for the working class men in 1868 known as the “union suit”, which was usually cut in half by the men due to warm weather conditions.

After WW11 the mainstream accepted T-shirts as an outer garment thanks to soldiers who returned from war incorporating it into their daily wear.

The movie and play “A street car named desire” played by Marlon Brando ( as Stanley Kowalski) in 1951, contributed greatly to the rise in sales of T-shirt as they became officially viewed as sexy.

jeans and white tops



jeans and white tops

jeans and white tops

jeans and white tops
jeans and white tops


jeans and white tops

jeans and white tops

jeans and white tops

jeans and white tops

What’s your best combination?


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