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Working women have always been the eyes and ears of the world, but modern-day technology gives a whole new meaning to the phrase. Computer software, apps, and websites are growing larger everyday, and learning how to code enables you to be in the driver’s seat. Coding makes it possible to start your own business online, create a new career on the computer, or even craft your own websites.

For women who want to learn how to code, we’ve found 5 websites that can get you on the right track and juice up your CV:

#1 Ladies Learning Code

Cost: $50 (CAD) a workshop

Ladies Learning Code is a community all across Canada that provides workshops for women who want to learn how to code. Starting in 2011, they have provided technical skills to women and men alike as well as launching Girls Learning Code, which provides workshops/camps for girls ages 8-13. For $50 (CAD) a workshop, passionate volunteers will teach you how to master programs like HTML, Game Design, WordPress, and much more.

#2 Pyladies

Cost: Free

Used in everything that is done in java, the coding language Python is often used by thousands of people to do everything from testing microchips to powering Instagram. Pyladies is a group of women from all over the world combining their talents to share their passion with those who are interested in learning the Python programming language. Whether you’re fresh off the street or an experienced professional, they’re always looking for some new Pyladies to join in their work.

#3 Codebar

Cost: Free

Codebar is a U.K. based (and now worldwide) community that encourages their students to work with programs such as JavaScript, Git tutorials, HTML/CSS, and much more. This program prides themselves on creating a safe, welcoming environment where students can learn ways to expand their talents in regular workshops. Codebar’s doors are open to students of all backgrounds, those who want to learn for their career, and those who want to pick up a new hobby.

#4 Girl Develop It

Cost: Price Varies Depending on Workshop

GDI is a nonprofit organization based in 56 cities throughout the United States and Canada. Their mission is to provide an affordable option for women who want to expand their talents in web and software development, achieving personal goals and building confidence through day-to-day interactions. For both newcomers and veterans, GDI teaches skills in HTML/CSS, Web Accessibility, Intro to Github, and much more with prices varying depending on the workshop.

#5 Code First: Girls

Cost: Free

Since 2013, Code First: Girls has been dedicated to providing women with free education with one main goal in mind: to increase the number of women working in the tech industry. The courses offered are tailored to women, helping to address some learning challenges that women encounter when entering a field that they are new to, or are a minority in. The courses in this U.K. based organization offer both beginners courses and advanced courses, covering everything from JavaScript to Python and Ruby programming languages.

What are your favorite coding websites?

Written by Charlotte Christy

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