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Water is an extremely important part of life, without it we wouldn’t exist (sounds cheesy but it’s the truth!) most of us struggle to drink enough each day; 8 glasses or 2 litres is the recommended daily intake but the reality is that it can be difficult to get it all in. Drinking enough water is important for your health: it keeps your energy levels up, stokes your immune system, boosts your metabolism and can even help you lose weight!

Try some of the tips below to drink more water every day without it being a chore.

Fruit water

drink more water

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Fruit (or veg) water is delicious, refreshing and makes a great change to just plain old water from the tap. There are tons of delicious recipes out there, some claim to burn fat – not sure how true that is – but they certainly will help you get your recommended 2 litres a day; they taste delicious and you can enjoy the fruit as a snack once you’ve drunk enough for the day!

Routine Drink

By making small changes and slotting them into your routine you can create new and lasting behaviours; getting more water can be a conscious part of your routine. Every time you go to the bathroom drink some water, just before a meal drink a cup of water or when you wake up; just make sure you do it regularly until it just becomes habit.

Try an App

drink more water

There’s an app for everything, and you guessed it, there’s an app for tracking your water intake too; it is a great idea however as it keeps you on track, gives added motivation and sends alerts to your phone when it’s time for a sip. Try Daily Water Free and be amazed at the results.

Tech Water

If you fancy giving your water intake a technology boost then look no further than Hidrate Spark – it’s in such high demand it’s sold out but you can put yourself on the waiting list. A water bottle that records every ounce of water that goes in and out of it and then sends the data to an app on your phone is not only very cool but it also will keep you motivated – not to mention you get a new toy to play with!

Eat more water

drink more water

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Getting more water through your food is a clever and time saving method of getting your 2 litres a day; go for foods with over 90% water content such as cucumbers, watermelons, strawberries, broccoli and carrots (to name a few). Not only will you be topping up your water, but foods with high water content are also highly nutritious so you will be doing your diet some good too.

Remember that drinking too much water is just as dangerous as drinking too little water; find balance and enjoy getting more water – it will make you feel better and make your skin radiant too. Happy drinking!



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