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As a working lady who is always on point you will need a few necessary items in your desk drawer, whether your home office or work office these essentials are universally needed to make sure you are always prepared. It will give you peace of mind knowing you have items at hand to get you through a tough day and people will know to come to you in their minute of need – a great piece of lazy networking.


superdrug first aid kit

I’m talking a full mini first aid kit that contains the usual dressings, antiseptic and plasters for every eventuality. There are a few added items I add to mine (and keep stocked up when they get used): blister plasters, paracetamol and antibiotic ointment – these are particularly useful when I am breaking in some of my new shoes and feel the pinch.


mobile charger

It is a first world problem we all share, that feeling of despair when we see 10% on our mobile battery with no way of charging it. It is annoying but it could start impacting your work if you have to leave the office and take calls on your way to a meeting. Be prepared with chargers in your desk, not only mains power chargers but also power banks, there is a great range out there now, just make sure to keep them topped up with juice for when you need them.



This baby has made itself useful time and time again! Possibly my favourite item in my desk it means that rain doesn’t ruin my look or papers as I’m travelling between meetings. Choose one that is collapsible yet still sturdy (we don’t want any dramas with inverted ones), a jazzy pattern is also a cheery site on a rainy day and your arrival will certainly be noticed in the office.


snack box

Snacks are an important staple at my desk, I am hungry around 80% of my day and having (healthy) snacks to hand keeps my low blood sugar tantrums in check. My colleagues are very generous people too and we are always sharing snacks from protein bars to fruit; we can see if each other need a little food pick me up. If you start this trend in your own office, you will make friends quickly and also have enough energy for whatever your day may throw at you.


mouth spray

High consumption of coffee in offices can lead to stale breath; from chewing gums to mouth spray and miniature mouthwashes, there are products out there to keep your pearly whites not only white but fresh. In an office you are in close quarters and therefore oral hygiene is important. Keep a little stash in your drawer and you can freshen up before that important meeting and focus on giving a killer presentation and not on the taste of garlic from lunch.

I have many more items in my desk, but these (to me) are the most important – stationary is important too….but you can probably go raid the office stationary cupboard, keep your drawers free for emergency items.



Catherine works in international marketing and events, she has a passion for sharing her knowledge to help others in their career. A keen traveler she has lived in New Zealand, China and England, and explored a lot more of the world; Catherine describes herself as a cup half full and embraces her busy life at 100mph.

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