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Stretch mark is a stain that arises from your skin being pulled by rapid stretching. can be found around the stomach wall, upper arms, thighs, breast, buttocks.

They offer no bad effect on your health but can make one feel very uncomfortable.

There are several reasons for stretch marks eg hereditary factors, rapid increase or loss in weight, pregnancy, hormonal change, stress, fast growth as well as variations in physical conditions.

Here are top ways (home remedies) to remove them!


This is a moisturizer (Amazon or any good pharmacy). Applying it on fresh stretch marks will moisturize and offer your skin elasticity. It is a retinoic acid cream and has been proven to really decrease the arrival of stretch marks.


Use natural white sugar because it’s the greatest medicine to dispose stretch marks. It exfoliates your skin. 1 tablespoon of raw sugar, mix into few drops of lemon juice and almond oil. Smear this on affected area and mildly rub for 10mins each day before taking a bath.


This acidic juice helps to settle plus decrease stretch marks, acne, skin injuries etc. scrub fresh lemon liquid lightly on the marks by circular motions. Leave for 10mins and wash with warm water.


Beat the egg white with a fork, put this mixture on your stretch marks for nearly 15mins and rinse with water. apply some coconut oil or moisturizer after.


The liquid is packed with mineral/vitamins which supports skin cells. Slice a potato then scrub it on the area. Doing this regularly will diminish the stretch marks.


Aloe Vera possesses calming and healing properties and therefore plays an important role in removing stretch marks. Apply directly or mix the gel with vitamin E capsules and wash with lukewarm water.

What are your thoughts on stretch marks? How do you take care of yours?

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