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With issues over the pay gap being brought to the forefront and female MPs breastfeeding in Parliament; now is the time for us women to concentrate on ourselves like never before, so here are 6 personal investments we believe every lady should make in herself this year.

#1 Take care of your body

Clean eating, green eating, rainbow eating; it’s all bit of a mine field really. However, they are all ways of getting us to think about exactly what we are putting into our bodies and whether you follow a plan or just try to be sensible, 2018 is definitely the year to start taking care of your body. If you fancy ditching those trainers and the tiresome sit-ups and burpees, then try the new craze of HIIT workouts in the water….yes that’s a thing and yes it does sound like hard work!

#2 Make time for yourself

With the stresses of work and life often overtaking what women really want, this is the year to really make time for yourself. Focus on your passions and aspirations; take that class you’ve always wanted to do, travel or just veg out and watch that box set you haven’t got round to starting. Whatever it is, invest in yourself this year and let life’s troubles wash away.

#3 Give yourself a digital detox

This may seem like an odd one with the majority of our lives now using some sort of digital interface, but 2018 is the year of the digital detox. With 1/3 of adults checking their phone at night and 90% of under 30s admitting to sleeping with their phone, it’s about time we all came back into the real world. So, stop that incessant Instagram scrolling and we promise your FOMO will soon be a thing of the past.

#4 Embrace life the Hygge way

This Danish trend is more than just a fad, with the idea of doing things just because they make you happy, a real mantra we could all live our lives by. When was the last time you did something, ‘just because?’ Hygge is described as ‘acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cosy, charming or special.’ (ref It is teaching us to focus on the little things, remember what really matters and just try to be happy.

#5 Read more

Reading, for some, is what’s done at school because you’re made to, or something to pass the time on the commute to work. But reading shouldn’t be that; it’s an escape, a way of delving into other lands, letting our imagination run wild and being inexcusably absorbed in the world of words. Invest in yourself this year by taking more time to read, not because you have to but because you want to.

#6 Become an independent woman

‘All the women who independent, throw your hands up at me!’ We could all do with channelling our inner Beyonce and becoming an independent woman, so make 2018 the year you invest in yourself, literally. Make time to think about your future, start that little nest egg and save for yourself, whether there is a man in your life or not. Whether it’s the ‘shoes on your feet’, or the ‘watch you’re wearing,’ make sure you bought it.

Let’s all take time to think about what we want, as women and as people. Taking time to invest in yourself shouldn’t be a burden, but a necessity to achieve the balance in life we all so desperately crave.

Written by Vicky Franklin

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