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Your office has just hired a new employee. He’s tall, dark, handsome, funny and easy to talk to. The two of you seem to really hit it off, and maybe you start to wonder if he would ever ask you out, where you would go on your first date, where he would propose to you, where your wedding would be. . . Whoa! Stop right there, girl! Before you plan out your future life together, here are five reasons why an office romance is a bad idea.


Think back to the sixth grade. Do you remember staring at the cute boy who sat in front of you? Maybe the teacher called on you and you realized that you hadn’t been paying attention. You blushed as you struggled to answer the question, and it left for an embarrassing moment. We’ve all been there! The difference is that this isn’t the sixth grade, and that your career is at stake. Getting distracted in the workplace can cause more than an embarrassing moment. It can cause you to miss a deadline, an important meeting, or even make a mistake on a client’s order. While he’s fun to look at, having your boyfriend at the office makes it difficult to focus while you are working.


Office relationships are just plain complicated. There is no getting around it. There will be rumors and office gossip. Your relationship will be on display for your co-workers on a daily basis, and they will know a lot of your personal business, whether you want them to or not. Some may accuse you of giving or receiving special treatment, and even if that promotion is deserved, it will look sketchy coming from your significant other.


In the words of Shakespeare, there is such a thing as “too much of a good thing”. In any relationship, it’s important to have some space. While you want to spend most of your time with your significant other, it’s wise to have some things that are just yours, including your career. When you spend all day at the office together, you may find that you start to annoy each other. Not to mention, when you have an argument on the way to work, it will make for one long day of awkward silence and unnecessary workplace tension.


Sometimes even the best of relationships come to an end. Breakups are painful enough, but imagine how awkward it would be to see your ex everyday, and have to work on projects together, or even hear him talk about his new girlfriend. Breaking up with a co-worker can also affect the entire office dynamic. People tend to pick sides, and the unity and teamwork of the office can be damaged.


The bottom line is that having an office relationship is unprofessional. When you are at the office, it’s important to leave your personal life at home, and be there 100 percent. This is when you are the best version of yourself, and when you will be taken seriously. Don’t risk your career for a relationship that has no guarantees. Remember how hard you worked to get where you are, and keep your focus on your goals.

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