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Our FWL Girl Boss for this week is Bola Sokunbi , a certified financial educator, money coach and all round finance junkie. Bola is most importantly the founder of her goal is to empower women to take charge of their finances and live life on their own terms and be fabulous while doing it too.

We sat down with Bola to get some insight on how to dress like a boss without breaking the bank, here are 4 fantastic tips she shared:

1. Focus on buying quality over quantity

Spend a weekend doing an assessment of your existing wardrobe to see what clothing gaps you might have. Then plan to buy quality clothing, shoes and accessories that fit into your current wardrobe and can be worn and re-worn with a variety of things. Don’t hop on the bandwagon of every single trend that comes out instead, showcase your own personal style. Not being overly trendy does not mean you are boring. If you do however choose to buy trend pieces here and there, still look for quality but be careful how much you spend on them. Alternatively instead of buying trendy clothing or shoes you can purchase some fun statement accessories instead.

2. Switch things up and remix your wardrobe

Utilize your existing wardrobe to create a variety of different outfits and looks. It’s not about buying a new outfit every week or for every big meeting you have.  Instead think “cost per wear”. You’d be surprised how many different looks you can get if you spend some time each week doing some outfit planning. You can even make it a fun project by creating a Pinterest account where you create outfit inspirations based on similar things in your own closet

3. Create a fixed wardrobe budget and stick to it

Do not allow yourself to borrow money or dip into your savings or even stop saving because you’ve exceeded your clothing budget. Create a wardrobe plan each season by deciding what things you’d like to buy, what gaps in your closet you’d like to fill and manage your funds accordingly.

4. Be you

Don’t wear things you aren’t comfortable with because it’s in fashion and everyone else is wearing it. And don’t buy things you can’t afford because you think it will make you look like a boss. Being a boss is so much more than how you look.

To get more amazing Clever Girl Finance tips visit her website, enjoy!



Elizabeth is a Brands and Communications specialist with a passion to support females in reaching their full potential.

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