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How to end the year like a boss

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Ah, the end of the year. The eve of new gym memberships, updated bucket lists, and preparation for the transformation into the new you. Before jumping into a brand new year and thinking about how you’re going to own the next 12 months that lie ahead, it’s equally important to finish the one we’re still in with a bang.

Here’s how to end the year like an absolute boss:

Look Back

Before you can make promises to your new self, it’s important to reflect back on the last year and all that came with it. Whether it brought good or bad, you can be thankful for things you have done and look forward to some things you’d like to improve on.

Set New Goals

Now that you’ve reflected on what the past year has brought, you’re conscious of what needs to be changed. Grab a pen and paper and make a list of goals you’d like to achieve this coming year. Big goals, small goals, achievable or farfetched—don’t stress if you don’t meet them before January is over. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Just Do It

Book that vacation you’ve been planning all year. Make the first move with that guy at the  bar. Whatever it is that you’ve been hesitant towards, just do it! Instead of ringing in the new year asking yourself ‘what if?’, be able to tell yourself ‘I did!’ instead. You never know what a little selfishness can bring!

Tie Up Loose Ends

Maybe you had a fight with your next door neighbor or haven’t spoken to a family member in some time, whatever it is it’s crucial to enter the new year by making it known that you’ve moved on so can start with a clean slate. This will not only end the year on a strong note, but it will clear your conscious of toxicity in your relationships you have with family, friends, or a romantic partner.

Let It Go

Close the year out by letting go of everything that has happened in the past 12 months. Entering the new year is meant to be a cleansing process for the mind that can be easily ruined by bringing in everything from losing your job to experiencing a bad breakup. If there’s nothing you can do to change it, what’s done is done—will anything really change if you’re still worrying about it next year?

What are your ideas to end the year like a boss?

Charlotte Christy

Charlotte Christy

Charlotte is a recent University graduate who is passionate about the media industry. Based in Buffalo, New York, she is in the process of trying to move to London, U.K. to expand her career path. In the meantime, Charlotte enjoys writing, traveling, and Netflix binging, and has a strong passion for expressing herself creatively through everything from a blog post to a DIY craft.

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