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Erin Kleinberg has successfully founded three amazing companies. First being, a womenswear line under her own name in 2008, in 2011, she co-founded The Coveteur, the behind-the-scenes fashion and beauty site known for its closet editorials; and in 2015, she joined forces with former Coveteur managing editor Stacie Brockman, to launch Métier Creative, a digital marketing and creative branding agency with a keen eye on social marketing.

In an exclusive letter for FOR WORKING LADIES, Erin writes to her struggling, clueless younger self.

Dear 20-year old Erin,

First, relax. Breath. And trust me. You actually can stop worrying about your career and what’s next.  Really, I promise. You need to take time for yourself––see things, feel things, eat things, do things and most importantly, learn things. I can say this now, but please don’t just sit in front of a gmail account hacking away at your dreams. Dreams happen when you are least expecting it. Your hard work is admirable and your fierce ambition is major, but take some time to get to know the world, and how your deepest inner self reacts in different scenarios.

Second, you can’t control everything–– plans change, calendars move, people will let you down, and dream jobs will be filled by someone else. But guess what, you can’t avoid it. Every struggle you will face in the next few years will result in a more positive outcome than you could have even wished for. Nothing is life or death, things come and go, embrace it and allow it to help you move on to the next iteration.  Meet as many people along the way as you can. If you happen to find yourself living in NYC, and by “living” I mean sharing a studio apartment with a Teen Vogue intern with joint twin beds, embrace it! You will look back and remember these as the MOST glamorous of them all. Enjoy every minute.

Métier Creative,Co-founders.

Third, you don’t know everything my dear. Stay humble and don’t let this shit go to your head. Stay true to your (Canadian) roots and stay hungry, you will learn to appreciate all of the help you have and will get along the way. Trust me, cherish those individuals and those connections, it will become evident who are the keepers, they will continue to cheer for you in all that you do. Treat them like gold, they are rare to find and you are lucky that people are attracted to your potential for success. Keep being a taliswoman and share your good luck with others. Connecting people and being at the centre of networks is your jam and (spoiler alert!) it will pay off. Your work will go beyond your everyday tasks, embrace it because it will be what fuels you and breathes new life in your journey.

Fourth. Never stop listening. To your friends, your employees, your family, and yourself. It’s so so so important. They know you better than yourself and without those opinions, thoughts, and ideas you won’t be the woman you want to be. The mistakes you will make along the way will all have meaning. The perils you will face will push you to uncover the next step in your entrepreneurial journey. Remember, NONE of this will happen without your village.

And lastly, don’t be so ‘woe is me’ on the guy front. A tall, dark, and handsome Romanian stallion is coming your way shortly and you will be blessed with a future, forever bestie named Parker Fenix! And as a mini-PSA: stop wearing fur. And should you ask: that nose ring WAS as dope as you thought it was.

Love Erin xx



Elizabeth is a Brands and Communications specialist with a passion to support females in reaching their full potential.

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