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We all have a tale or two to share about disappointments in life. At other times, it may not even be disappointments about an issue, but it could even be about a person or an organization. Irrespective of the disappointment, it is always a bitter pill to swallow when our hopes are dashed. Let’s see how we can deal with it and successfully move on

Deal with It

They didn’t renew your contract, Your best boss got caught in fraud, You didn’t make the cut? Hey you. Yes you. It’s ok to sulk and feel sad but once you are done, you have to “woman up” to the situation and deal with it. The beautiful thing about facing the situation only makes the issue seem easier to bear than allowing it take you to the pit of despair and bouts of depression all of which can have a negative effect on your health.

See the Bigger Picture

When you look at a white sheet of paper with one black dot. What do you notice first? A white sheet of paper or a black stain? The white might have a black stain but it still has space for you to write on. You can rewrite the story and maybe even use that black dot as a full stop in a sentence from the past then launch into a masterpiece you are about to create!

See the Smaller Picture

A detour from your initial roadmap could be a blessing in disguise. Maybe you weren’t ready or it was not the perfect time. This could be a time to look inwards and re-strategize on how to move forward. Take time out, go on a personal retreat because you just might see that setback as a stepping stone for a great comeback.

Open a Book of Encouragement

Remember when you started that new business and how you achieved certain milestones without breaking a sweat? Although things may not go as fast as you hoped it would but if you look back at how far you’ve come, it will help you to see that the disappointment is a phase that would soon pass.

Encourage Someone Else

The best way to heal faster from a terrible downtime in life is to encourage another person going through tough times. As you give of yourself, you will begin to feel better about yourself and your own issues. Pay it forward.

Written by Tracy Oyekanmi

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