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Technology can be great – until it takes over your life. Having a mobile phone means we can always be reached (when the network allows). And I’m not just talking about phone calls. Text messages, social media alerts and emails. I have four different email accounts for various work and personal purposes and it is pretty much the norm to see the notifications on my phone showing triple figures most days. Constantly checking emails can become a headache and a distraction – both at work and at home – so try these tips to help you stop suffocating from emails

1. VIP treatment

 For those emails from people you classify as a priority. You can add these in your settings so your phone will show you have an email from your VIP contact.

2. The Others

If they are not on the VIP list then these may be less urgent to deal with. Set aside designated time slots in your day for checking emails to avoid the temptation to check round-the-clock. For example you can schedule 9am or your 1st check , 1pm for your 2nd check and so on and so forth.

3. You’re Filed!

I hang on to some emails for various reasons – future reference, records of purchases etc – so I’ve found it useful to create folders for these. That way you can keep your inbox as clear as possible – and it looks neat and tidy.

4. Out Of Office

Admittedly I rarely set this but it’s useful to remember when you are having a holiday. It lets someone know you’re away and may not be able to deal with a request but if you pop an alternative contact on the message, hey presto, someone else may be able to address the issue. Alternatively, it lets the person know when you’ll be back to handle yourself if needed. Result – less email rage.

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