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One of the great joys of travelling through Italy is discovering firsthand that it is, indeed, a dream destination. – Debra Lavinson

Italy oh Italy… the place of pizza, pasta, the leaning tower of Pisa and canals. If you really want to get away for the summer, Italy is the place and here is why.

#1 Good weather

You won’t be disappointed! Italy generally has good weather but in the summer it gets even better , you can expect nothing less than 30C. If you want to work on a tan or just get some Vitamin D ,and not worry about wearing layers then Italy would be the right choice for a summer holiday. We would recommend taking some sunscreen , hats and sun shades.

#2 History


travel to Italy this summer

Italy is full of history. There are many buildings that have not even been touched since it was built many years ago. That’s even with buildings that have fallen apart. Like the leaning tower of Pisa (Actually it’s supposed to be like that!). It’s like stepping into a time machine and if you’re lucky enough you could get an uber cool picture like this. It’s one to keep for the records!

#3 Culture

You’ll guarantee to feel as though you are part of the culture. The vast majority of the population in Italy are Italians welcoming you with open arms. You’ll hear the language and pick up their feel of community. To be honest it will end up feeling as though you are home away from home.

#4 Food


travel to Italy this summer

The cuisine, we’ve all had pizza and pasta and sure it tastes good, however it’s not the same as having it from the place it originated from! From restaurants in a caves , to eating on top of mountains , you’re not only left eating great food but experiencing it in great places.

#5 Activities


travel to Italy this summer

Take a ride along the canal , it is a nice smooth sail around the coast of Italy. It’s beautiful and definitely worth taking in that beauty, iy you’re looking for a romantic holiday or just to see beautiful sites then Venice is the place to be.

Go on, have fun and explore!

Written by Amani Henry

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